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The Tools You Need To Upgrade Your Grill in 2021

The Tools You Need To Upgrade Your Grill in 2021

The grilling season has officially kicked off, and there’s no better time to prep for its full summer swing by arming yourself with some of the best grill tools and BBQ sets the web has to offer. Pulling from the gear used in your kitchen just won’t suffice. Those tools typically don’t provide the kind of reach or robustness to manage the intense heat outdoor grilling churns out. Plus, there’s nothing worse than seeing your tiny tongs melt onto your T-bone.

The good news is that great grill tools don’t have to singe your budget. In the sea of choices, there are some real standouts that provide superb control, strength, utility, and reach. We’ve curated the best grill tools in each category, as well as some of the best full BBQ sets around. So, grab a delectable summer brew and equip yourself to start grilling like a pro.


The Best Grill Spatula: FlipFork Boss

This might just be the first grill spatula that qualifies as a multi-tool. Not only does the FlipFork Boss look like a zombie-killer, but it also boasts 5-in-1 functionality that includes a fork tip, knife-edge, meat tenderizer, bottle opener, and spatula, naturally. The materials are top-notch with a stainless steel head that can withstand 1000 degrees of BBQ fury and a durable and beautiful Acadia Wood handle. It’s just the kind of spatula that will make grilling a much-coveted job. $22


The Best Grill Tongs: Broil King Locking Tongs

Not all tongs are created equal. Silicone-tipped versions usually don’t have the grip required for big cuts of meat, and models with too much spring tension mean you have to have the forearm strength of The Mountain to grill for a big group. Broil King’s stainless steel locking tongs utilize a brilliant design with a flat side and a ridged side so you can get under the food while maintaining a secure hold for ideal flipping. The 18-inch length keeps your hands at a safe distance, and their corrosion resistance and tough bakelite handle mean they can handle the elements and the dishwasher, too. $20


The Best Grill Brush: GRILLART 18-Inch Grill Brush

Getting the burnt bits, corrosion, and char off your grill isn’t just important, it’s imperative for ideal cooking and optimal grill maintenance. But some dinky grill brush you got at the grocery store just won’t cut it. GRILLART’s 360-degree brush has full bristles around the large, angled head that make cleaning a breeze. The head is also full steel so it won’t melt under the mercy of the heat. There’s also a stainless steel scraping surface that decimates the big chunks. It’s all corrosion-resistant, too, so don’t fret if it gets left out in a downpour. $22


The Best Grill Fork/Meat Thermometer: Williams-Sonoma Outdoor BBQ Fork Thermometer

Not all grill forks are created equal. This one has a built-in thermometer, so it pulls double duty in one fell swoop. The large LCD panel provides the temperature at-a-glance, so there’s no need to cut open your steak and let all that juicy goodness out. The long tines can manage the thickest of cuts, and it’s water-resistant, as well. $30

The Best Grill Apron: Hedley & Bennett The Waxman

Hedley & Bennett’s stylish and practical aprons are staples in the food and beverage world. Worn by chefs and pitmasters all over the country, they’re an essential piece of cookware. So, if you’re going to take yourself seriously as a grill pro, you’ll need to invest in a solid apron. Protect your clothes from the soot, char, and smoke and look great while you grill. The Waxman from Hedley & Bennet is durable as hell. Built from tough waxed canvas, the Waxman will keep your clothes clean in style. $120


The Best Grill Basting Brush: Pure Grill Basting Brush & Sauce Pot

This combo of a stainless steel basting brush and sauce bowl is about as ingenious as it gets. The food-grade bowl ensures you have your favorite sauce or marinade at the ready, and the brush has its own resting stand attached right to the bowl. 18.5 ounces of capacity means there’s sauce aplenty, and the flexible silicone brush head provides easy application. Perhaps the best part is that the brush won’t leave a mess on your grill tray that you have to clean up afterwards. $13


The Best Grill Tool Set #2: New Star Food Service BBQ Tool Set

If you want a full set of high-quality BBQ tools for less than just about any single tool here, look no further. Built with thick, food-grade stainless steel and riveted hardwood construction, this four-piece set includes tongs, spatula, fork, and cleaning brush. Each one is between 17 and 19 inches for ideal reach, and they’ll all find a place on your grill with hanging capability. $18


Best Grill Tool Sets #1 : Cuisinart Wooden Handle Grill Tool Set

When you break out this grill tool set from its case, all your guests will know you’re serious about your meat craft. It’s the full armada that includes more than just the basics. In addition to the four horsemen of spatula, fork, brush, and tongs, it also boasts skewers and corn cob holders. The stainless steel and hardwood tools each have their place in the recycled plastic case, or they can hang via leather loops. $29

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