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The 18 Best Gifts for Your Best Man and Groomsmen This Wedding Season

The 18 Best Gifts for Your Best Man and Groomsmen This Wedding Season

The thing about weddings is that it’s really a community affair. Everyone from your current coworkers to preschool friends, from Aunt Irma to your family’s lawyer get invited. Because of this, with such a helter skelter guest list, selecting a groomsman can be a great way to show someone that they matter in your life, way more than those randoms that got invited last minute to fill a food and beverage requirement.

A groomsman’s role is sort of hard to define. It’s either The Hangover or something archaic and subtle. There’s really no inbetween. But the best way to describe this role (and, by extension, that of a best man) is that the groomsmen you choose are, quite simply, there for you. Whether it’s wedding jitters or planning that bachelor party, you have your group that can calm you down and steer you down the aisle.

Because of this, you should reward them with a gift. We put together a list of eighteen options that are great options for any type of groomsmen you may have. I’ll say right now, none of these on the list are engraved flasks or cufflinks from Etsy. I tried to make it a thoughtful, modern take on the classics, giving you options and price points. Because, ultimately, you want this gift to be used and not put in a drawer a few weeks later.

Gifts for the Best Man and Groomsmen


Craighill Wilson Keyring

Craighill is a great company for small gifts that have a distinct design element to them. Masculine brass against an enameled top gives this keyring a bit of personality and will easily be adopted into your groomsmen’s everyday carry.
Buy Now $20


Zippo Lighter

It’s a cliche for a reason, but a Zippo lighter remains the best gift for groomsmen. It’s classic, handsome, and useful (really, you don’t have to be a smoker to love this lighter). Zippo offers a great selection of colors and ways to personalize. Or keep it simple. Your call.
Buy Now $18


Sackville & Co. Signature Grinder

Now if your groomsmen are smoking, ahem, something else, then maybe Sackville & Co’s grinder would be a great fit. Coming in brushed gold, this four-tier grinder is as much a desk accessory as it is a useful tool (“No, mom, it’s a paperweight!”).
Buy Now $40


Dad Grass Hemp Flower

Take it one step further and get them a quarter ounce of Dad Grass hemp CBD flower. Perfect to pair with the grinder and it comes with premium organic hemp Dad Grass Rolling Papers. Plus, the packaging is…*chef’s kiss*.
Buy Now $48


Esterbrook Estie

If you’re going a different route for an EDC, try a pen. I’m surprised this isn’t a more popular item for groomsmen or best men alike. It’s useful, a bit gentlemanly, and can be a daily reminder of your own big day. The tortoise Estie is a classic, but Nouveau Bleu is a close second in my book. I’d go for Rollerball or Fountain myself – let them enjoy the writing experience.
Buy Now $125+


Galen Leather Travel Bag

An update on the dopp kit, this travel bag opens up to reveal a smart set of pockets with a luxe purple interior. A great way to give them something they’ll be using for years to come.
Buy Now $100



This may be a bit pricier to pull off, so might be exclusive to those with a small party or just for the groomsmen. But if you do have the funds, getting everyone a pair of Ray-Bans for your photos wouldn’t be a bad touch.
Buy Now $140+


Sabah Leather Glasses Case

And while you’re at it, these glasses cases are a perfect complement to the Ray-Bans mentioned above. Maybe keep this extra gift back for your best man, or just go all out for the bros. Either way, Sabah’s soft leather and subtle colors are a dream for those who want to keep their glasses protected but with a little style thrown in there.
Buy Now $70


Sabah Shoes

I’d be remiss to not include Sabah’s Turkish shoes on this list as well. These handmade leather loafers are a great alternative to the clunky dress shoes most groomsmen rent. Get them in black (or, really, any color!), dress them up, then everyone gets to keep a pair. Relaxed doesn’t mean unrefined and Sabah balances this line well.
Buy Now $195


Tumi Shoe Bag

Now let’s say you get the shoes mentioned above, why not go a step further and get a Tumi bag to store them in on the way home? It’s not something people often think about, a shoe bag, but they end up being a vital part of packing. Packing becomes a breeze and not everything is filthy when you get home. A win-win.
Buy Now $55


Tanner Goods Travel Wallet

Another higher-end gift, I know how much this can add up. But then again, why not? If you’re already dropping a thou’ on florals, a few hundred more on gifts won’t break the bank. (At least, that’s how I rationalize things!) This travel wallet, made from natural leather, is slim enough for a few cards while being streamlined in a great vertical shape for easy front pocket access. It’ll age beautifully, like most of Tanner Goods’ products.
Buy Now $150


Noah Marion Brass Bottle Opener

Another cleverly designed, yet functional, gift is Noah Marion’s bottle opener. It’s beautiful. It’s functional. It’s necessary when you want to pregame with a couple Yuenglings before the ceremony.
Buy Now $56


Yellow Mountain Imports Backgammon Set

Backgammon is returning as a popular gentleman’s game for the #menswear crowd. There’s a good chance your groomsmen don’t have a set and this could be a way to reignite a bit of classic fun into their lives. I particularly like this set as it’s an attache style, being able to fold up into a briefcase-like carrier. And that yellow’s pretty nice and a bit unique, which always gets bonus points in my book.
Buy Now $42


The Negroni by Matt Hranek

Matt Hranek is the voice behind WM Brown, who seems to have a pulse on all things gentlemanly. With the resurgence of the negroni in the last few years, your buddies may just have a new drink to order at the open bar for your reception after flipping through this book.
Buy Now $13


Maker’s Mark Private Select

But if you want to keep it simple, Maker’s Mark is never a bad idea. The Private Select label is the distillery’s tour de force in their ability to meld richness and woodiness into a bourbon. Go for the 375 ml bottle to save a few bucks.
Buy Now $34+


Tom Dixon Lowball Copper Glasses

Now these are the glasses you’ll want to drink out of. Hand Blown and brushed in copper, the lowball glasses from Tom Dixon have a richness and elegance that is perfect to elevate your big day and honor the men in your life.
Buy Now $100 (Set of 2)


Boy Smells Cowboy Kush Candle

Don’t let the name turn you off to including this one in your roster of groomsmen gifts. To even include a candle on the list is a testament to the growing acceptance of less gendered gifts for men and women. My favorite from the brand is Cowboy Kush, which combines elements of patchouli, saffron, and suede, a great mix that’s not too floral and not too rugged.
Buy Now $36



This is one of those gifts that would never be on anyone’s radar, but is exactly what we could all use. Whether WFH or back in the office, this portable espresso maker is something that will get a lot of miles way after the wedding is over. Is uses Nespresso pods (other options include one with a portable grinder, but I bet it’s a little messy for use at a desk), so it’s easy to use and gives them the energy they need to amp you up on your big day.
Buy Now $55