Every year, Father’s Day rolls around and we’re hard-pressed to find the perfect gift for the man who made us who we are while also devoting himself to his career. Whether he worked at home or abroad, on a construction site or in an office, your Dad deserves something special this year. If your old man is anything like ours, he’s still constantly working and throwing himself into his career even when he’s at home. These gifts will make his life more productive, a little easier or even more fun.


Best Made Company Spare Parts Trays

As much as we all try to stay organized, there are always going to be a certain amount of knick-knacks, writing implements, desktop tchotchkes and decorative display pieces that just can’t find a home on a properly organized desk. When it comes to clean desks, dad is generally as bad as we are. That’s why the Best Made Spare Parts Trays exist, a uniform and elegant organization system of multiple trays built in the USA from 22-gauge steel and designed to keep all small parts nice and tidy when in use or on display.


OXO Good Grips Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Quality shoes are essential. Great tech is a must. A properly stocked bar is almost a necessity. But none of those things are anywhere near as important to a good day’s work as an energizing cup of coffee… or three, depending on the person. Warmer weather is coming, and it’s high time you introduced the old man to the wonder that is one of the best cold brew coffee makers on the market, the OXO Good Grips Cold Brew Coffee Maker. 


The Ridge Wallet

[Partner] The Ridge is a minimalist, slim front pocket wallet. This modern take on the wallet is both lifetime guaranteed and RFID-blocking, making it an ideal option for any dad. Each wallet comes fully equipped with your choice of a money clip or cash strap with build options of titanium, aluminum, or carbon fiber. Help dad re-evaluate his everyday carry with The Ridge wallet.


BigiDesign Ti-Click RTS Solid Titanium Click Pen + Stylus

Over the years, we’ve constantly been impressed by Big Idea Design and the way they’ve pushed the boundaries for what’s possible with pens. One of their latest is the Ti-Click RTS Solid Titanium Click Pen + Stylus, a writing utensil that is a fantastic writing instrument and digital stylus. 


MAPLE Suede Pen Holder

100% genuine cow leather. 2Ply suede leather construction. Made in Canada quality. If Dad is a collector of desktop or workbench utensils, you won’t find a more subtle, simple and well-built option to hold his collection of stuff than the MAPLE Suede Pen Holder. While it absolutely works for pens, pencils and other writing implements, it also works for glasses, knives, coins, rulers, knick-knacks and anything else he might want to keep tidy in his area. Most importantly, he’ll appreciate the quality, construction and minimal design.


Whiskey Peaks Rocks Glasses

If your old man is anything like ours, he appreciates a good drink at the end of the workday. More importantly, he understands the necessity of keeping quality glassware on hand for a few fingers of the best whiskey to close those deals that stretch into cocktail hour. For all those occasions there are the Whiskey Peaks glasses. With raised topographic impressions of some of the most impressive peaks on Earth modeled into each Huckberry-exclusive glass, these are the perfect vessels for enjoy and appreciating a good glass of hooch.

$40 (Set of 2)

NOMATIC Notebook and Planner

The NOMATIC Notebook and Planner are essentially modern versions of the traditional Moleskine notebook. Perfect for the desk or the bag, this lay-flat notebook is outfitted with useful features like a second piece of elastic, organizing ribbons, lined/blank/perforated pages, whiteboard pages and the ability to hold your pen. If your old man is more of a long-term thinker instead of just a note taker, the Planner option includes added sections for calendars, breakdowns and goals.

$24 (Notebook) | $30 (Planner)

WANDRD HEXAD Carryall Duffel

The HEXAD Carryall Duffel from WANDRD is a combination duffel/backpack/EDC bag that’s unlike any other. With a padded laptop sleeve, leak-resistant toiletry pocket, catch-all compartment, fleece-lined cell phone pocket, RFID secure passport pocket, Dad shoes storage area and, well, any other kind of bespoke pocket you could ask for, this is a bag that more than lives up to the company’s slogan of “Wander more, Worry less.” This is the kind of go-anywhere, do-anything bag that will really make an impression this Father’s Day.


Luckies of London Cabin Tidy

Despite the fact that the Cabin Tidy isn’t made of Lincoln Logs or any of the other building materials dad taught you how to use, this is the kind of gift he’ll actually use instead of pretending to appreciate. Three separate compartments for paper clips, tacks, staples, cables and more mean this natural pine and sheet metal organizer is as functional as it is clever. And when the outside pegs aren’t being used to store pens and pencils like tiny wood logs they can also be used to hold the phone for epic PokerStars showdowns. Dad will appreciate the nostalgia regardless of what he uses the Cabin Tidy for.


Libratone Track+ Earphones

With four levels of adjustable noise cancellation, an impressive battery life and a form factor that makes them almost impossible to lose, the Libratone Track+ Earphones check off all the requisite boxes for what Dad needs in a pair of headphones.


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