Does your old man spend his weekends fixing things around the house and maintaining the lawn? That’s because a man’s home is his castle, and keeping things in check makes that castle a bit more enjoyable to live in. Since dad clearly cares about his home, why not gift him something for it? Here are the best Father’s Day gifts for the place dad lays his head.


Finex Cast Iron Dutch Oven

If we could, we’d go all cast iron in our kitchen. We’re talking pots, pans, and maybe even plates. Do you need cast iron plates? No. Absolutely not. But you do need a cast iron dutch oven, one that will last decades and help whip up mouth-watering roasts. Give dad the best this Father’s Day with this version from Finex, which features twin “Speed Cool” handles that make it easier to transport. Handcrafted in the USA and ready for dad’s Sunday night feasts.


Colors of Motion Prints

Artwork is notoriously difficult to gift. Nailing someone’s preferred style—even someone you know as well as your father—is challenging. If you’re going to do it, go with a piece based on something you definitely know he enjoys—like his favorite movie. Colors of Motion is a collection of eye-catching prints that distill movies down to only their most memorable colors. The art is unique, attractive, and not on everyone’s wall like the prints they sell at big box stores.


Hopsy Home Draft System

[Partner] Give dad the gift of craft beer on tap at home. Get the SUB home draft appliance + 4 mini-kegs for $100 off. Hopsy delivers fresh beer from award-winning breweries in mini-kegs straight to your home, and they work with the SUB home draft appliance that fits right on your countertop.


SOG Poweraccess Deluxe

All that tinkering and fixing we mentioned in the intro? Why not help cut down on the plethora of tools dad relies on for all of it? The SOG Poweraccess Deluxe is one of the newest multi-tools from SOG and it handles damn near anything. Twenty durable tools are included, ranging from a flathead screwdriver to a fully serrated blade. It’s a toolbox in the palm of his hand. Household projects will no longer involve hauling a 20 lbs box around.


Acme Sledgeworks Exercise Equipment

Most home exercise equipment is relegated to the back of the closet because it’s so damn ugly. No one wants to see a set of dumbbells in the living room or an Ab Rocker next to the couch. Gift dad some workout gear that doesn’t need to remain hidden. Acme Sledgeworks makes raw, old school-looking gear that seems plucked from a centuries-old boxing gym.


Papa’s Maze

Give a man some paper, a pen, and a plenty of time, and we guarantee something interesting will come out of it. Such is the case with Papa’s Maze. Discovered by the creator’s daughter, the massive maze was a project he worked on for over seven years. Originally hand drawn, Papa’s Maze is a recreation of one man’s labor of love. Each measures 34” x 24” and makes for a fun project or unique piece of art.



If your old man likes to cook and prefers his meats tender and juicy, sous-vide will blow his taste buds away. Mellow is a countertop sous-vide device that brings the once-exclusive cooking technique into his home. He fills the bag with whatever he wants to eat, sets the temp, and drops it into the water bath. Hours later he’ll enjoy the most mouth-watering cut of meat he’s ever tasted. Plus, with built-in refrigeration and an app to assist along the way, this is a step up from other sous-vide devices on the market.


LEGO Ship in a Bottle

No one is too old for LEGO bricks. But that doesn’t mean you should give dad the same set you’d give your 4-year-old nephew. Instead, consider the LEGO Ship in a Bottle, a cool kit that marries two DIY worlds. The highly-detailed ship, complete with raised deck, captain’s quarters, multiple cannons, and more, is clearly a display-worthy piece once your dad puts the finishing touches on it.


Frank Lloyd Wright Paper Models

Even those who know little about architecture know about Frank Lloyd Wright. He was the man behind some of the most iconic buildings in the United States, and his work always made a statement. While one of his properties is probably outside of your Father’s Day budget, you can gift your dad this book. Frank Lloyd Wright Paper Models includes 14 kirigami buildings for him to cut and fold into shape. It’s a weekend project book that will place some new art on his shelves when he’s finished.


National Park Candles

If dad craves the crisp air and flowing rivers of this country’s National Parks, gift him one of these candles. Far more affordable than a plane ticket and a new tent, each brings the scent of a particular park into his home. If you happen to know his favorite one, even better, as you can choose from Yosemite, Yellowstone, Rainier, and Sequoia.


Sonos One

The original Sonos speakers sold us on the brand. Then the era of Alexa began and we wondered whether it was time to ditch Sonos so we could ask our speaker for the weather while we sat on the couch. Luckily, we don’t have to make that decision any more, as the Sonos One is a smart speaker with Amazon Alexa built in. That means you get Sonos quality audio with the functionality of an Echo device. This is the smart speaker dad wants.

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