Even though it doesn’t quite feel like it, fall is just around the corner. We’re breaking out the denim jackets, hitting the trail, and prepping for Autumn. There have been plenty of exciting gear releases this summer and many more are just around the corner. From the latest in tech, fashion, EDC, and more, we’ve rounded up the new gear we’re excited about in late summer/early fall of 2021. Whether you’re hunting for the best Autumn apparel or need some upgrades for your beverage cart, we’ve got you covered.

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JBL L52 Classic Bookshelf Speakers

Hi-Fi enthusiasts trust JBL to deliver superior sound in a stylish set of speakers. But, most of JBL’s top-tier audio equipment maxes out the average audiophile’s budget. So we were thrilled to hear that the brand had unveiled a set of affordable, vintage-styled, powerful speakers in the L52 Classic Bookshelf Speakers. Available in black, blue, and orange front Quadrex foam grills, these speakers sport a 5.25″ low-frequency driver paired with a 3/4″ high-frequency driver and a 5-year manufacturer warranty. All for $1,000. Get shopping.


Howler Brothers Voltage Full Zip Jacket

You can always count on Howler Brothers to keep you stylish and protected on the trail. The Austin-based apparel brand announced its Fall 2021 collection and, while we loved all of the releases, the Voltage Full Zip Jacket stuck out the most. This ultra-light jacket is perfect for backcountry hiking keeping you warm with 60-gram PrimaLoft® Gold Insulation and its quilted hood with an integrated wind cuff inside. Pair that with a bungee closure at the hem, a front kangaroo pocket, and a water-resistant 100% polyester rip-stop and you’ve got a jacket that can brave any Autumn conditions. Our favorite color option is definitely Colonel Mustard but it’s also available in Coal Black and Mountain Green.



We’ve long been fans of the Super 73 brand and we instantly loved their latest release which plays off the original success of the Z-series line. The Super73-ZX is an all-electric motorcycle that improves on all of Super 73’s previous models. Lighter frame, redesigned seat, improved ergonomics, larger battery, and more powerful tech. The result is a beautiful two-wheeler that can deliver an estimated 50+ miles max range in ECO mode, up to 1350 watts of peak power, and a top speed of up to 28mph. Perfect for long drives in the mountain this fall.


Victorinox Swiss Champ Limited Edition Damascus Pocket Knife

Leave it to Victorinox to take a classic EDC tool and give it an undeniably stylish upgrade just in time for fall. In case you hadn’t heard, Damascus is all the rage in the world of pocket knives. And this limited edition version of the Swiss Champ features a Damascus Steel style blade wrapped in a black forged carbon scale finish dubbed “Bjorkmans Twist.” And, you’ll find an assortment of over 20 other tools so you can be prepared no matter what.


Teva Revive '94 Mid

Looking to hit the backcountry this fall? There are few brands we trust more than Teva. And the beloved footwear brand resurrected a 90s staple with their Revive ’94 Mid. These kicks feature recycled materials, full-foot coverage, waterproof leather, and a mesh construction for a protective pair of hiking shoes that can weather any storm. The retro style is fall-ready and perfect for backpacking and rock scrambling.


FOODHEIM: A Culinary Adventure

Comedian Eric Wareheim might not be the likeliest source for good eats. But, when he’s not writing and performing surreal sketches, he’s cheffing it up big time. Wareheim is one half of the team behind Las Jaras, one of the country’s best natural wineries, and he’s been spending the last few years touring the world and cataloging the best food and drink around. FOODHEIM: A Culinary Adventure includes plenty of Wareheim’s goofy sensibilities but also offers excellent recipes and eye-catching food photography. Wareheim’s cookbook is available for pre-order now with an estimated delivery date of September 21.


Shinola for Crate & Barrel Collection

Shinola isn’t just one of our favorite American watchmakers. The Detroit-based company has dabbled in a variety of industries crafting turntables, bikes, and more. Now, Shinola has teamed up with Crate & Barrel for an exclusive collection of homegoods. The Shinola line utilizes high-end materials and neutral color tones to add a breath of fresh air to any home. Highlights include the Shinola Runwell Wood Frame Sofa, the Parker Wood Table Lamp with Woven Leather Shade, and the Michigan Chair.


St. Agrestis Paradiso Aperitivo

Summer might be coming to a close, but the weather is still unbelievably warm. So, spritz season carries on. And Brooklyn-based spirits brand St. Agrestis has just released their Paradiso Aperitivo which is perfect for late-night sipping. Enjoy it with some tonic water and an orange peel, in a spritz, or over ice with a lemon twist. If you like Campari or Aperol but want a locally produced version with organic ingredients and no artificial colorings, the Paradiso Aperitivo is the drink for you.


Yuba Ultralight K6 Rain Anorak

Fall camping is all about layering. You might start out the day in shorts and a short-sleeve shirt but by evening you’ll want to toss on some heavier gear to keep you warm at basecamp. And if it starts raining? You better have the right gear. The Yuba Anorak from Beyond Clothing is perfect for the cooler months of Autumn and will keep you protected in most weather conditions. The compact foldability means it’s an ultralight addition to your camping gear. Plus, the three-layer Pertex® fabric keeps you protected from the elements without overheating thanks to the material’s breathability. Available in red, black, brown, green, and blue, the new Yuba Ultralight K6 Rain Anorak is a fall outdoors essential.


Howler Brothers Palo Duro Fleece Hoodie

Another release from Howler Brothers’ Fall 2021 Collection, the Palo Duro Fleece Hoodie is ideal for layering on a fall camping trip. Pair this with the aforementioned Voltage jacket and you’ll have a versatile set of backpacking apparel. The Palo Duro hoodie features super soft 100% polyester grid fleece for breathable warmth, a kangaroo pocket, and a stash pocket for your keys, phone, or wallet. While the Voltage jacket is a basecamp essential, the Palo Duro is perfect to keep in your car for late nights on the beach or backyard hanging when the sun sets. But, the durable Palo hoodie can also pull double duty as your first layer on your next backpacking trip. Get the Palo Duro Fleece Hoodie in Teal, Colonel Mustard, or Coal Black.


Alpha Motors SUPERWOLF™

With the rise of electric cars, electric trucks were inevitable. We’ve seen high-profile releases from some of the top car manufacturers but few eclipse the power and style of the Alpha Motors SUPERWOLF™. This all-electric behemoth packs a dual motor 4WD, a range of about 275 miles, 3050kg towing capacity, and zero to 60 mph in 6.5 seconds. Plus, bring the SUPERWOLF™ on any adventure this fall with rapid charging and dynamic battery cooling and heating. If you’re looking for an Autumn automotive upgrade, this truck is for you.


Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G

One of the biggest tech announcements of the year was definitely the retro nostalgia of Samsung’s flipping and folding smartphones. The Galaxy Z Flip3 5G, in particular, recalls the tactile sensation of slapping shut a flip phone paired with the contemporary convenience of a touch-screen smartphone. The Z Flip3 is an upgrade on Samsung’s previously released Flip 2 with a larger cover screen, more powerful camera, and stronger design. Even if you aren’t running out to get yourself the Z Flip3, it’s an extremely impressive piece of tech and an innovation in the world of smartphone design.


Casio Vintage X Pac-Man A100WEPC

Arcade fans rejoice! Casio has teamed up with Bandai Namco for a nostalgic tribute to the classic Pac-Man video game with the latest A100WEPC watch. It’s maximalism at its finest with a gold-plated case, stainless steel caseback, and black rubber strap which features the colorful Pac-Man game design throughout. Is it excessive? Maybe. But it’s sure to catch a few eyes. Plus we love the details like the Pac-Man etching on the caseback. The Casio Vintage X Pac-Man A100WEPC is available to pre-order now so don’t miss out.


Dims Alfa Sofa

Beloved interior design incubator Dims has continued its unimpeded success by releasing what many fans had been craving: a sofa. The Alfa Sofa, designed by Takagi Homstvedt, captures the spirit of midcentury decor with a slim, simple silhouette and plush cushions. The sofa is handmade in Washington state using top-quality textiles and craftsmanship. The color combos on the sofa are all wonderful but we’re particularly fond of the Shell Pink/Natural Ash combo. The Alfa Sofa is available as a 2- and 3-seater.


Mr Black x WhistlePig Barrel-Aged Coffee Liqueur

This was easily one of my favorite beverages of the year so far. Cold brew liqueur brand Mr Black teamed up with WhistlePig for a complex, delicious Barrel-Aged Coffee Liqueur. Best enjoyed on the rocks or in a coffee old fashioned, this limited edition release would be perfect for late nights in fall. Sadly the first batch is sold out but hopefully we’ll see more hit the store in the next few months. And, if you’re looking for some good coffee liqueur, Mr Black’s standard release is top quality.


Palace Artois Collection

You can always count on Palace Skateboards for some next-level gear. So when they announced a collaboration with Stella Artois we knew we were in for a treat. And everything from the collection is perfect. The Palace Artois line likely won’t last long into the fall but this is easily one of the best gear releases of 2021. We’ve had our eyes on the jackets and of course those classy Palace Artois beer vessels.


Flat Front Pant in Chino

Apparel brand Alex Mill released its Fall collection and we’re loving the simple silhouettes and cohesive color palette throughout. In addition to some proper transitional pieces, the Flat Front Pant is ideal for late summer early fall. The relaxed fit won’t keep you too confined but the tapered legs offer a stylish cut. Embrace Autumn with a fresh wardrobe update.


Balmuda Toaster

The Balmuda Toaster brings the toaster oven to the 21st century. A sleek design and stellar performance makes this modern piece of tech perfect for any countertop. The Balmuda uses a steam toasting system so you get perfectly crisp exteriors while the inside of your bread is soft and flavorful. With five modes (artisanal bread mode, sandwich bread mode, pizza mode, pastry mode, and oven mode) your Balmuda Toaster can handle just about anything. The Balmuda is available in black and white color options that will be sure to turn heads.


Biscuit Wireless Charger

By now you probably have a small army of wireless chargers to power up your next-gen devices. But what will happen when the tech becomes obsolete and there’s a new way to wirelessly charge your phone, earbuds, and speakers? Product designer Charles Duffy prepared for that eventuality with the Biscuit Wireless Charger. The Biscuit, made from durable and long-lasting Zirconia, is built to last a lifetime. And, thanks to its simple construction, it can be taken apart so you can add in new tech as advancements are made. It’s a simple, elegant solution to the problem of planned obsolescence. The Biscuit finished its campaign on Kickstarter but you can still pre-order one for yourself with an expected delivery of October.


Vivanterre Natural Wine

If you want a later summer/early fall beverage, look no further than Vivanterre. The natural wine brand produces delicious boozy grape juice in the Auvergne region of France. Somehow Vivanterre has managed to remain something of a hidden gem. But we encourage you to order yourself some bottles and spread the good word. With no finings or additives and by employing sustainable farming, Patrick Bouju and Justine Loiseau, the couple producing Vivanterre’s wine, have made some lovely, dynamic wines perfect for sipping around the campfire. Pre-order yourself some bottles now.


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