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The 8 Best Dopp Kits for Your Travels

The 8 Best Dopp Kits for Your Travels

The Dopp kit, toiletry bag, or large ditty bag that you use for all of your grooming essentials when you’re traveling has a history that dates back more than a handful of decades to WWII and was something that Samsonite attempted to trademark as early as 1980. The specifics involve more legalese than we care to elaborate on, but the fact remains that every good man needs a great dopp kit to compliment great luggage. Here are the 8 best dopp kits for travel.

Harry’s Travel Kit

Take everything you know about the run-of-the-mill, big-box, department store dopp kit and deck it out in high-end fabrics and better design to get the Harry’s Travel Kit. The same company that makes your favorite affordable razor also makes one helluva dopp kit that is functional and familiar while still being completely different, better-designed and more affordable than the other big brand options on the market. Cotton-nylon exterior that’s made in Italy, water-resistant and flexible. Traditional, easy to grab handle on one end with a locker loop on the other and a full zip to protect all your product in the cleverly lined interior. As if all that isn’t enough, the Harry’s Travel Kit also includes an exterior zipper pocket for the goods you want to separate. This is a solid dopp kit at an unbelievable price point. $25

Herschel Supply Co. Chapter Travel Kit

Herschel Supply Co. is a well known bag manufacturer with stylish options, quality construction and an attention to detail you’re unlikely to find at similar prices with other options on the market. The Herschel Supply Co. Chapter Travel Kit is the perfect example of all their important features in dopp kit form. More than twenty exterior options. Contrasting signature striped fabric liner. Internal mesh storage sleeve. Front storage pocket. Limited lifetime warranty. Your toothbrush, paste, hair gel and razor will fit comfortably and conveniently in this budget dopp kit. $30

Alchemy Goods Elliot Dopp Travel Kit

8.9oz total weight. 8.5″ x 4″ x 4.6″ total dimensions. Waxed canvas, nylon fabric, nylon teeth and bike innertube construction. Fabric lining for easy maintenance. Machine washable. Reinforced haul handle. Anything you could possibly want from a stylish dopp kit for all your gear you’ll find in the Alchemy Goods Elliott Dopp Travel Kit. In addition to easily holding all your toiletries and keeping them organized, this kit is made in Washington, built in the USA, and backed with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. $45

Owen & Fred “Hey Handsome” Shaving Kit Bag

Want a little reminder why you shave everyday and clean up your stubble for the next meeting? Look no further than the Owen & Fred “Hey Handsome” Shaving Kit Bag made with a #8 18oz Duck Canvas and 1000 Denier Nylon exterior and 420 Denier Nylon interior. It’s durable. It’s stylish. It holds everything you need one of the best dopp kits to hold. Most importantly, the 8″ x 4″ x 5.5″ kit that’s designed and built to keep all your gear in place and ready to go is also made in the USA. $68

Lexdray Dubai Travel Case

The Lexdray Dubai Travel Case is the best dopp kit you’ve never heard of. At first glance it might look like a traditional dopp kit, but it’s actually divided into two separate pockets that make separating your essentials or traveling with a partner all the easier. Multiple exterior and interior zipper pockets, interior hooks, detachable key rings, waterproof zippers and an anti-bacterial coated interior lining run up the tab on fantastic extras, but it’s that lay flat, two-compartment setup that makes this one of the best travel dopp kits on the market. $99

Tumi Alpha 2 Hanging Travel Kit

Built out of durable ballistic nylon and designed with the same attention to detail and quality that’s become synonymous with the Tumi name, the Tumi Alpha 2 Hanging Travel Kit is not your traditional dopp kit. Sure, it has a U-zip opening to the main compartment like other hanging travel kits on the market, but this one has double, side-zip pockets, interior mesh pockets and an easy-carry handle on one side. If you’re the kind of guy that wants your stuff as separated as possible for easy organization this is the best travel dopp kit for you. $135

Killspencer Dopp/Folio 2.0

Whether you’re carrying the latest issue of Inventory and a tablet, or your complete collection of toiletries, the Killspencer Dopp/Folio 2.0 is the perfect multi-disciplinary kit to do it with aplomb. Like everything else Killspencer, this Dopp kit/Folio hybrid is black on black on black with premium full-grain leather, Swiss-made Riti zippers in an antique finish, pull-the-dot button snaps and plenty of space for all the things you consider valuable. It’s a dark and stylish dopp kit capable of carrying all your toiletries that can also do double duty as a folio when you’re taking meetings at home. $210

Hardgraft Refresh Dopp Kit

If money is no object, you won’t do better than the Hardgraft Refresh Dopp Kit that takes everything you know about the traditional kit and turns it on its side. The vertical format and minimal footprint of the dopp kit make this vegetable tan leather and wool fabric kit that’s made in Italy easy to setup on even the smallest hotel vanity while also also making all your essentials easier to access than they would be if they were laying flat. $245