Lawyers, construction workers, creatives, aristocrats—from the pauper to the crown, no one is exempt from the allure of a good cigar. One thing no cigar fan should do without—whether you’re a weekend hobby smoker or a flat-out aficionado—is a good cutter. But picking the right one for your everyday carry can be tough, as there are plenty of things to consider. Luckily, we have your back! Here’s our list of the 8 Best Cigar Cutters For Every Smoker:


Xikar MTX

The Xikar MTX is one of our favorites. Aside from having a super sharp double blade scissor setup, it offers several multi-tools, including a beer bottle opener, a screw driver, and a lighter bleed tool for re-filling butane torches. The blades are superb, the tools are actually useful, and the cutter folds up in a package small enough to fit on a key ring. All in all, we dig it.


Siglo Seki Cigar Cutter

We’ll be completely honest here—we don’t generally recommend single-blade cutters. Some are ok, but most don’t offer the solid cut of a double-blade cutter. But, just because we’re not particularly fans of single blades doesn’t mean some of you aren’t. If you’re hell bent on a single blade, the Siglo Seki is about as good as you’re going to get. Hand-finished by one of their craftsmen and made in Seki, Japan (home of the samurai sword), the Siglo Seki is the quintessential single-blade cutter. Period.


Cuban Crafters 3 Blade Stainless Steel Cigar Cutter

Although it looks kind of like a goofy space ship toy, this unique three-blade cutter by Cuban Crafters is a favorite of ours. The ultra sharp blades make a perfect, even cut, and are big enough tackle any diameter roll. It’s massive and quite cumbersome, but if you care less about the look of your cutter and more about the quality of your cut, this one is right up your alley. At the very least, you’ll become the talk of your smoking club.


Xikar 200SL

Teardrop and butterfly-style cigar cutters are a whole different type of animal. Essentially, they’re like the folding knives of the cigar cutting world. Two blades, opened by a spring loading mechanism, deliver quick and concise cuts that make cigar rolls look like tissue paper. The result is a swift, clean cut in a compact, sleek, and very easy to use package. Any teardrop or butterfly cutter is good, but we like the Xikar 200SL because not only is it reasonably priced at $26.95, but like all other Xikar products, it comes with a no-questions-asked lifetime warranty.


Colibri V-Cut Cigar Cutter

There are several different ways to cut your cigar. We prefer a typical straight cut, but a lot of people—particularly new smokers—prefer a classic v-cut. A v-cut  (also known as a bird beak) cigar cut takes a small gouge out of the butt of the cigar that allows for a deep draw without the risk of tobacco or other debris entering the smoker’s mouth. The Colibri V-Cut Cigar Cutter is super popular because it has a beautiful and solid feel, sharp guillotine-style blade, and because it’ll take a beating. It’s not the most compact cutter on this list, but it is a superb example of a perfect v-cutter, and at a price tag of $30.56 with a 2-year
warranty, it’s tough to beat.


Victorinox Swiss Army Cigar Knife

Any self-respecting man should, at some point or another, get himself a genuine Victorinox Swiss Army Knife. And for the dedicated stogie smoker, the Victorinox Swiss Army Cigar Knife is absolutely ideal. Aside from a 3-inch blade, a nail file/cleaner, and a pair of mini-scissors, the knife includes three laser-sharpened circle punches for various styles of stogies. Cigar punches take a little getting used to, but once you get the hang of cutting a perfect roll, they may wind up being your favorite type of cutter. Either way, for less than 60 bucks, you get yourself a genuine Swiss-quality blade and a no-hassle cutting tool that’ll probably outlive you. We love it!


ALASKA BEAR Double Blade Guillotine

The standard double blade guillotine-style is far and away the most common cigar cutter style in history. These are what your grandfather used to cut his cigars with. When you go to a cigar shop, these are what they’ll most likely round you out with.  And for your every day carry, a good double blade guillotine is ideal. This one by ALASKA BEAR is perfect. Exceptionally inexpensive with a sleek brushed stainless design, self-sharpening double blades, and a lifetime warranty—and hundreds of 5-star Amazon reviews to back it up—the ALASKA BEAR Double Blade Guillotine is a hundred-dollar cutter with a ten-dollar price tag.


Scorch Torch Olympus Triple Jet Flame Butane Torch Cigarette Lighter With Punch Cutter Tool

Well hot damn is that title a mouthful. Either way you cut it, the Scorch Torch is a legitimate must-have for any cigar smoker because it’s not only a triple jet butane torch, it also includes a punch cutter built right into it. It’s refillable, comes with adjustable flame control, and the cutter works exceptionally well. And just a heads up—don’t let the nine-dollar price tag fool you, because the Scorch Torch also includes a 1-year hassle-free warranty.

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