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The Best Charcoal Grill for Every Budget

The Best Charcoal Grill for Every Budget

A charcoal grill is often more portable and affordable than a propane-powered numbered. One can also deliver something a gas grill does not: sweet, sweet smokiness. If you’ve opted to go the charcoal route but don’t know which grill to get, let us help. Here are the best charcoal grills for every budget. Find the one that best matches what you want to spend, then go out and get some briquettes.

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Weber Smokey Joe 14
Weber Smokey Joe 14" Portable Grill

Often imitated, never duplicated. The Smokey Joe from Weber is the basic charcoal grill you can take anywhere. For just $30, you’re getting a durable little number that will last you many years if you take care of it. At just 14″ across, it isn’t going to offer the cooking space other grills will, but that also means it can easily work on a small balcony or another tight spot, it can be tossed in your trunk on the way to the beach, and it isn’t going to use a ton of charcoal. It can stand up to abuse from the elements and just requires that you clean out the air intake somewhat regularly. Plus, it boasts the classic cool that the newer Q Series does not.

Kingsford 30
Kingsford 30" Barrel Charcoal Grill

Yes, the purveyors of good charcoal also make a grill to use said charcoal in—and it’s really solid. Besides looking fantastic, this big, bad grill boasts a 793 sq. in cooking area for you to drop plenty of patties on. Side vents and a chimney allow you some degree of temperature control, and the thermometer alerts you to just how hot it’s getting under the hood. It assembles easily, sports wheels for transport, and includes heavy cast iron grates and a side shelf and bottom rack. It’s a far nicer grill than you’d expect for the price.

Dancook 1900 Charcoal Grill
Dancook 1900 Charcoal Grill

Dancook is a brand not so well known stateside. The Danish company makes grills that are simple and durable, and if you’re looking to invest a bit of money in a charcoal grill that’s a bit better than everything you’ll find at a big box store, we can’t recommend one enough. There are no bells and whistles—we mean, this is Scandinavian design—but the 304 grade stainless steel and double wall construction allow for extremely high temps and great control over them. That double wall design also means you’ll cut down on charcoal usage. It’s a smart and sleek grill that will last you a lifetime of steaks if you take care of it.

Big Green Egg
Big Green Egg

OK, we’ll preface this by saying there are more affordable grills a lot like the Big Green Egg. Most of them will work just as well. We’ll also say that opting for a kamado grill, which requires natural lump charcoal as opposed to briquettes, is a choice you’ll have to make, as there is an adjustment to be made. Finally, we’ll inform you that you need to purchase the Big Green Egg at a real-life store, not online. With that all covered: we love the Big Green Egg. With it, you’ll infuse your food with an incredible smokiness you’ll never achieve with a regular charcoal grill, and we swear your dishes will come out with more flavor and juiciness. It will heat up faster and also allow you to go low and slow with your cooking, dropping the temp down to the 200-300° degree range. The Big Green Egg, which is modeled after ancient clay cooking vessels, has inspired a cult-like following and is built for life.

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