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7 New Beers You Should Know

7 New Beers You Should Know

When you hit your local liquor store or brewery in search of some new beers to try, there are a few we’d recommend keeping an eye out for. Some of these are brand new, some are seasonals making their return, and some were just announced for future release. So next time you’re out scouting some potential fridge-dwellers, look out for these.

Firestone Walker Sucaba 2015

Since it was first brewed as Abacus (Firestone Walker flipped the name around after a legal scuffle), this barrel-aged Barleywine has been one of the beers we look forward to the most each year. Just getting released now for 2015, the beer is packed with dark fruits, chocolate, and vanilla notes. Perfect for sipping next to the fireplace on a cold night. Link

Barleywine • ABV: 13% • RATING: 100


Carton Regular Coffee

Regular Coffee isn’t a new beer, but it is being canned for the first time, and that’s worth a trip to Jersey no matter where you live. Meant to mimic the taste of a standard New Jersey coffee order—milk and two sugars—the 12% brew is honestly unlike anything you’ve ever had before. This isn’t a stout with coffee beans tossed in (for starters, it isn’t even a stout), it’s a totally different experience. It’s a personal favorite of ours, and it should be available for a few more weeks. Link

Cream Ale • ABV: 12% • RATING: 96


Newcastle Scotch Ale

Newcastle Brown Ale happens to be one of the beers we turn to in a pinch. When there’s nothing catching our eye, it’s an old standby that’s better than many of its mass-produced brethren. Now, with a little launch help from Wil Wheaton, comes Newcastle Scotch Ale. It’s not the kind of Wee Heavy that American craft breweries crank up, it clocks in at a drinkable 6.40% with nice burnt sugar notes. Link

Scotch Ale • ABV: 6.4% • RATING: 81


Sixpoint Beast Mode

No relation to Marshawn Lynch, although you’d probably also have a hard time answering questions after a few too many Beast Modes. The new brew from Sixpoint is roasty and sweet with a nice dry finish. A really solid new porter. Link

Porter • ABV: 6% • RATING: 87


New Belgium Portage

Speaking of porters, here’s another really nice take on the classic style from New Belgium. Since we’re smack-dab in the middle of roasty beer weather, we’re happy to have this brew on hand. It has nice smooth body and no harsh notes at all. We’re not going to call it the most complex beer ever brewed, but for something easy to drink when you’re snowed in, a six-pack would be nice to have. Link

Porter • ABV: 6% • RATING: 87


Founders Blushing Monk

We’re extremely excited for the return of Blushing Monk from Founders. When we last had it, about four years ago, it was our after dinner beer of choice. Packed with tons of raspberry, the beer paired so perfectly with many sweet desserts. It’s back out in March, and we’d recommend keeping your eyes peeled. Link

Fruit Beer • ABV: 9.20% • RATING: 95


Twisted Manzanita Enlightenmint

We’re a touch late on this because it’s the perfect holiday beer, but it’s still worth mentioning. Enlightenmint from Twisted Manzanita Ales is a chocolate and peppermint stout that’s creamy and decadent. It was released a month ago, and if you can still find a bottle, crack it open and relive the holidays. Link

Stout • ABV: 8% • RATING: N/A


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