3 Style Trends You Can Steal From Men's Fashion Week

3 Style Trends You Can Steal From Men’s Fashion Week

Most fashion show trends are out there. Like, “Why are they all wearing lampshades on their heads?” out there. So, while we wouldn’t recommend stealing all the looks from the runway, the first-ever men’s fashion week in New York did provide a few that you can work into your wardrobe without feeling like a walking punchline. Here are three accessible trends you’ll be seeing a lot of in the coming months, none of which should scare you off.

Hawaiian Shirts

The Aloha Shirt, or “Hawaiian Shirt” as we commonly refer to it, is ready to take over the mainland. Whether fitted or traditionally baggier, the collared shirts were seen all over fashion week. Colors were often a bit darker than their traditional counterparts, which gave the shirts a more modern feel. Some wore them under summer suits, and others tossed one on haphazardly with rebellious irreverence.

Clear Glasses & Sunglasses

There were plenty of classic shades given the translucent treatment on display at New York Fashion Week: Men’s. Most paired with green or amber lenses, the shades give off a youthful air. Nick Wooster and Matt Berninger may have brought this trend to the masses. This season, skip the classic tortoise acetate.

Dad Pants

Bear with us. As we transition from the constrictive era of the skinny jean, guys are looking for a little more breathing room. Enter dad pants. With a slightly higher waist (not as drastic as mom jeans) and an overall roomier fit, the dad pant is all about loosening up and feeling comfortable. And when something like that is in style, we won’t complain.

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