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10 Siri Hacks You Need To Try

10 Siri Hacks You Need To Try

Everyone knows you can ask Siri to search the web for things, read your email out loud and have some Buzzfeed worthy conversations with her. We know she’s had her issues in the past, but these ten tricks are reason enough to take her out of storage–which you can do by clicking Settings > General > Siri.

Measurement Conversions

Euros to Dollars. Inches to Millimeters. Cups to Quarts to Gallons. We can’t keep them all straight, but Siri can. “Convert X to Y.” “How many Y in Z?” As long as you ask her logically, Siri will convert it for you–including parsecs.

Sports Scores

You could launch ESPN or one of the individual team apps you have on your phone, but why go through that amount of work when you can just ask Siri. “When do the Yankees play?” “What’s the score of the Cavaliers game?” “Did the Cubs win?” (Ed. Note: There might only be one answer to that last question.) You’ll never need to worry about picture-in-picture or reading the tiny scrolling ticker again.


Ask Siri to “Flip a coin” or “roll the dice” and she’ll do exactly that. As long as you have some singles you can roll bones without dice or cardboard. It’s also probably the easiest way to settle disputes because who actually carries change anymore?

Delete All Alarms

If you’re anything like us, your Alarm list has more entries than AC/DC has greatest hits collections. Manually delete all the ones you don’t use regularly? That takes too much time. “Delete all alarms.” Problem solved.

Turn On And Off Device Settings

“Turn off Bluetooth.” “Turn on Wi-Fi.” “Make the screen brighter/darker.” Anything you can get to by swiping up into the Control Center can be disabled or enabled with Siri. Just remember, she can’t function with Airplane Mode on… but she’ll remind you of that if you try.

Make Reservations

Making reservations could literally not be any easier. “Make a reservation at an Italian restaurant for Sunday at 6pm.” Using Yelp and OpenTable, Siri will give you a list of the nearby restaurants that fit the bill, along with their rating, distance and available reservations. Click the one you’re interested in and you’ll get hours, contact information and a map. Or, just click “Make Reservation” and you’ll head right to OpenTable.

Go Places

“Take me home.” “Take me to work.” “Take me to *contact name or nickname* work/home/etc.” Yeah, you’ll have to use Apple Maps to get wherever you’re going, but that’s still easier than typing in all kinds of addresses.

Find Out What Planes Are Overhead

Asking Siri “What planes are overhead” is a complete waste of time, but it’s also a hell of a lot of fun. Using WolframAlpha, Siri will give you enough information to become an amateur air traffic controller (airline, flight number, plane, altitude, angle, etc). You will end up doing it more than once out of sheer curiosity.

Smarter Reminders

We all have simple things we need to remember. Making shopping lists. Taking out the trash. Buying more bourbon. Just tell Siri “remind me to whatever when I get wherever,” and if you have addresses listed in your Contacts, she’ll remind you to do things when your GPS gets close to the contact address.

Control Your Music

If you have your music stored on your device, or you use iTunes Radio, Siri can make your listening experience almost completely hands free. “Play,” “Pause,” and “Skip” are obvious, but you can also specify artists, genres, playlists and shuffling. “Play The Black Keys shuffled.” “Don’t play this song again.” “Play some blues.” “Shuffle my driving playlist.”

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