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10 Rides We Want to Travel the U.S. In

10 Rides We Want to Travel the U.S. In

Planning your summer getaway? The United States is just over 3.5 million square miles and contains some of the most amazing places you’ll ever see. How about the cobalt glacier caves of Alaska or the “cracks and corkscrew” of Antelope Canyon in Arizona? Maybe head to Texas to the lagoon-like Hamilton Pool outside of Austin or even to Washington for the vivid colors of the Skagit Valley tulip fields. Now you need the wheels to get you there. In a dream world, these would be ours.

Timeless Orvis Airstream

Originally used as a hunting/fishing lodge in Oregon, this Airstream was meticulously restored by the folks at Timeless Travel Trailers. After hand-polishing the exterior to a mirror finish, the Orvis-inspired interior was finished using hickory, oak, copper, and leather. Of course, if you’re navigating this great land of ours, you want to get there in one piece. No worries, the running gear is brand new and fully updated to provide many problem free miles. Link

Nonstandard Mehrzeller Concept

Based on the need for a more personalized mobile lifestyle, Nonstandard created the Mehrzeller concept—a multicellular mobile environment. What does multicellular even mean, you ask? It’s the end result of recognizing that a standard rectangular caravan may not be what you need. Therefore, the purchaser’s needs are compiled and a layout is designed that ultimately results in the perfect camper. Link

Fleetwood Bounder

Blurring the line between home and camper, the Bounder by Fleetwood is well-suited for longer excursions where some creature comforts wouldn’t be out of place. Features include 100 gallons of H20, solar panels, plenty of hidden HDTVs and electronic controls. For the traveler that knows what’s really important, a full residential size refrigerator is available to hold your beverages of choice. Link

Global Caravan Technology CR-1

We’re 75% certain that if Batman did own a camper, this would be his first choice. For sure he would appreciate the all carbon fiber (first one ever) of the CR-1. Okay, we’re gonna stop guessing what type of RV would suit the Dark Knight, but we do know this: an RV crafted out of carbon fiber has significant weight savings over other campers resulting in significant gas savings. Pair that with the modern interior that includes full-size washer/dryer and you can hit the road in style. Link

Conqueror UEV440

Nicknamed the “jack of all trades,” the UEV440 is designed to handle excursions through the rough terrain of Australia. But don’t be confused by its compact size, inside the galvanized steel is a structure that can sleep four in heated or air conditioned comfort. Also included is a full kitchen with refrigerator/freezer and hot-water system. This “jack” even comes with a sound system and HDTV making it one helluva Urban Escape Vehicle. Link

Happier Camper HC-1

With its retro vibe, you might think that the HC-1 is pretty sparse on the interior, but nothing would be further from the truth. Using a modular interior design, the HC-1 can handle virtually any configuration you can come up with. In full bed mode, up to 5 people can sleep comfortably with storage underneath. Remove the bed and an eating area can be created. Best of all, just about any car can tow the HC-1 as it comes in at a feather-light 1100 lbs. Link


Everyone knows the planet is covered mostly by agua, so for the modern explorer, it’s highly likely you’ll encounter water on your travels. Crafted in Germany, the Sealander has got you covered. The single monocoque structure is built in the same fashion as a flat-bottom boat with a long pin outboard for movement in water. The handsome interior pairs design elements of wood and plastics with precision craftsmanship. Ideal for spending a day or night on the water. Link

Earth Roamer XV-LT

First of all, the XV-LT is not what you need for a weekend road trip. The XV part of it means Expedition Vehicle—harsh environments, limited access to necessities, etc. While each XV-LT shares the same foundation—a Ford F-550—that is where the similarities end. Exterior and interior options are plenty and include a Keurig coffee maker, motorcycle lift and carrying apparatus, or even a Tempur-Pedic mattress. Other features include composite body structure as well as a full roof of solar panels. Made in America. Link

Alu-Cab Defender Icarus

It’s a camper crafted onto a Land Rover Defender, do we really need to say anything else? Built by South Africa’s Alu-Cab, the Icarus completely transforms into a personal campsite wherever you are. Features include an outdoor kitchen, canopy, lights, and a pop-up tent with room for two. A full array of solar panels help to power it all and keep you self-sufficient for the rest of your journey. And can anything be more badass than a campsite built on a Defender? Link

Marchi Mobile Palazzo Superior

The Palazzo Superior is the pinnacle of luxury recreation with a list of features that would make any homeowner green with envy. For relaxation, there’s a spa area with rain shower. Onboard entertainment comes courtesy of multiple 42-inch LED screens along with a world-class Steinway & Lyngdorf sound system. Interior comfort is provided by custom air conditioning as well as radiant heat floors. After a long day of doing whatever really rich people do, rest easy on the king sized bed made by the same supplier to the British Royal Family. All of this along with the roof top deck makes this truly the most luxurious RV in the world. Link