Since its inception, the Cool Material Shop has been stocked with some of our favorite gear. From stylish tumblers to durable EDC, our shelves are loaded with items we love—and we think dad will love them too. This gift guide brings together our Father’s Day picks, the items we think will win you some points if you wrap them up for your old man. So if you’re not sure where to turn to for gift ideas, we suggest you start here.


Solid Brass Top

A Cool Material exclusive from our friends at J.L. Lawson & Co., the Solid Brass Top is set to become dad’s favorite office time waster. Hand-turned from a solid bar of brass, the top can spin for up to 7 minutes if dad gets really good at it. Each will age beautifully with use and will look far better resting on your old man’s desk than some cheapo toy or colorful fidget spinner.


Matterhorn Glasses

For the father who loves exploring the great outdoors as much as he loves kicking back with a pour of the good stuff, win Father’s Day with these Matterhorn Glasses. Each crystal glass boasts a replica of the Matterhorn peak protruding from the bottom. Even if dad didn’t spend the day scaling a mountain, he’ll still want to unwind with this tumbler in hand. And since it’s a set of two, maybe you could share a drink with your old man this Father’s Day.


Hot Sauce Kit

Give dad a DIY project that will elevate everything he cooks for the next few months with this Hot Sauce Kit. He’ll get everything he needs to make two fiery sauces of his very own. All made in the USA, the kit is perfect for the dad who drenches his eggs in sriracha and orders his wings “Nuclear.”


Craighill Stash Box

Built in New York City out of stunning leather from Pennsylvania, this Stash Box is everything that American-made stands for. It’s insanely durable and ruggedly attractive. Give it to dad to use as a toiletry kit, a storage vessel for loose items, or anything else he wishes. About the size of a tissue box, the Craighill Stash Box is almost too beautiful to keep in a cabinet somewhere.


Jack Puzzle

The Jack Puzzle is at once both a work of art and a brain exercise. Milled in Rhode Island, the puzzle is composed of six interlocking brass cartridges. When put together correctly, it looks like a piece from a game of jacks. When put together incorrectly, well, it looks like you’ve got some weird brass bars scattered all over your desk. Putting it together is easier said than done. Give dad a little mental workout this Father’s Day.


Felt Bedside Caddy

Is dad a late night reader? Does he have the latest Grisham paperback dogeared next to a stack of magazines? If so, this is the Father’s Day gift for him. The Felt Bedside Caddy is a simple and stylish storage solution for dad’s nighttime reading material. It slips between the mattress and the box spring for easy access. And if he isn’t a reader, it also works for TV remotes and iPads.


Hey Handsome Shaving Kit Bag

A compliment is always welcome. After a fresh shave, dad will be feeling good—and this dopp kit will remind him if he isn’t. The Hey Handsome Shaving Kit Bag is made from duck canvas and nylon to keep dad’s toiletries in order, whether under the sink or in his carry-on bag. When he removes his razor, shaving cream, brush, and other assorted items, he’ll be met with a friendly reminder that he’s looking sharp.


Dashboard Table/Wall Clock

With a look reminiscent of a dashboard in a 1930s British sports car, this Dashboard Table/Wall Clock brings a bit of old school racing charm to any room dad puts it in. The dual faces allow him to keep track of time in two different time zones, so if he does business with clients overseas or across the country, he can keep tabs on their hours. The aluminum clock looks equally attractive on top of a desk as it does on a wall in an office or over a shop bench.


Wooden Puzzle

Like the Jack Puzzle earlier in this list, the Wooden Puzzle is an attractive game for dad to wrap his mind around. Look, his eyeballs are going to need a break from staring at the screen all day. What better way to provide a little R&R than with a fun time waster that looks good when not in use? If he gives up and doesn’t want it to look like he’s been playing with Lincoln Logs, the instructions are included.


Lemon Ball Baseball

Taking your son to his first ballgame is a bonding experience practiced all over this country. Give dad a little reminder of the time he filled your afternoon with peanuts, Cracker Jacks, and potential foul balls with the Lemon Ball Baseball, a ball inspired by the ones used in the early 19th century. The rich leather offers an intoxicating aroma and the ball will bring back memories of playing catch every time he sees it on the shelf. Hell, maybe grab a few mitts and toss it around for some bonus points.


The Host Key

Some nights dad may feel like a beer. Some nights he may feel like a glass of wine. Hell, some nights he may want both. The Host Key is a clever corkscrew and bottle opener that will handle whatever libation he wants to open. When he’s not using it, he can loop it around the neck of a bottle or attach it to the magnetic dock for storage. Throw in a mixed 6-pack and we’d say that’s a mighty fine Father’s Day gift.


Solid Brass Fire Kit

Machined from solid brass and outfitted with a knurled striking pad, the Solid Brass Fire Kit is far nicer than any match set we’ve ever come across. Whether dad uses it to start a campfire the next time you’re tenting it for the night or just to get the fire pit going on the deck, he’ll be happy to have such a durable and attractive kit on hand. The included strike-anywhere matches will ensure he can spark a fire even when the skies open up, and the solid brass means the canister will last a lifetime.


Whiskey and How to Enjoy It

For how hot whiskey has been over the last few years, it’s an incredibly challenging beverage to get into. Flavors are nuanced and opinions on how it’s best enjoyed vary. If dad would like a little starter kit, gift him Whiskey and How to Enjoy It. Included are two tumblers, two leather coasters, and a whiskey guide book filled with helpful notes. Now he can pour a few fingers of the good stuff into a Mad Men-era glass while he gets a crash course.

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