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Trophy Hunting x ’47 NBA Collection

Trophy Hunting x ’47 NBA Collection

Gear up for a slam dunk wardrobe upgrade with the Trophy Hunting x ’47 NBA capsule collection, a fusion of NBA style and streetwear flair that brings a refined and wearable edge to basketball fashion. Crafted in collaboration with ’47, this limited seven-piece collection breaks away from traditional team colors, opting for a classically inspired palette of navy and forest green with pops of gold. Designed by Kari Cruz, the collection is a celebration of self-defined success, with each piece proudly featuring the iconic Larry O’Brien trophy motif.

Key highlights include the $250 Trophy Hunting x ’47 NBA Weatherproof Coach’s Jacket, a yellow water-resistant poly/nylon masterpiece with a satin lining in Trophy Hunting’s signature Blackwatch Plaid. The collection also boasts a Heavyweight Graphic Tee, sweatshirt, and sweatpants, each telling a story of victory through meticulous fabric and detailing. Accessories take center stage with three hat styles, priced from $40 to $50, adorned with the Trophy Hunting logo and the prestigious ‘Larry O Brien’ trophy. Available exclusively online at for the holiday season, this capsule collection is a must-have for those who seek to elevate their streetwear game while embracing the ethos of Trophy Hunting: the chase, the reward, the journey, and the ceremony.

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