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The Mountain 600 Leaf GTX is Danner’s First Recraftable Boot

The Mountain 600 Leaf GTX is Danner’s First Recraftable Boot

The iconic 600 model by Danner has just got an upgrade that shows the brand remains at the forefront of not only loving the outdoors, but considering it as a component of their design and manufacturing processes. The new Mountain 600 Leaf GTX is the brand’s first recraftable boot, meaning the Danner team can resole and recondition your boots to keep them in longlasting shape. Not only does this reduce unnecessary purchases on the customer’s end, but it also reduces waste in the environment – a win-win for everyone.

While the Mountain 600 model may be entering a new age of sustainable footwear, it still boasts many of the features longtime fans of the brand will know and love from this particular model. The Leaf GTX boots are built with high-quality materials, including full-grain leather and durable nylon uppers, providing exceptional durability and protection. They also incorporate a Gore-Tex lining, ensuring waterproofness and breathability for various weather conditions. The Vibram SPE midsole and Fuga outsole deliver excellent traction and support, making them ideal for challenging terrains. It’s a boot that, with a little help from Danner, will be with you for years to come, on and off the trails.

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