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Rothy’s Merino Wool Chelsea Boot

Rothy’s Merino Wool Chelsea Boot

It’s hard to modernize the classic men’s Chelsea boot, but Rothy’s has gone and done them up with luxurious and washable Merino wool, plastic-bottle derived thread, and edgy camo stretch gore panels. They also happen to be the brand’s first foray into men’s boots, and we have to say they really pulled them off in unique style. There’s also the requisite heel pull tab for easy ingress and egress, as well as a mildly rugged black rubber outsole for good traction. You might think wool deviates too much from the versions made from suede or leather, but the result is a new level of sophistication on a classic shoe style. They wouldn’t look out of place with a suit, much less a pair of everyday jeans. Choose between dark grey, dark brown, or tan.

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