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Porsche Design Machined Aluminum Sunglasses

Porsche Design Machined Aluminum Sunglasses

Porsche Design, which produces some of our favorite style accessories, pieces of tech, and EDC gear, celebrated its 50th anniversary last year with a pair of stunning sunglasses. Now, the design brand is back with the P’ 8951 Sunglasses, a sleek and stylish eyewear companion for the discerning individual who craves both form and function. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these sunglasses seamlessly merge classic design elements with modern sophistication.

The P’ 8951 shades exude an air of understated elegance, featuring a sleek machined-aluminum frame that effortlessly combines lightweight comfort with remarkable durability. The design is striking with angular geometry and a seamless shield rather than two separate lenses. The result is a pair of sunglasses that look both futuristic and timeless. Plus Porsche Design’s VISION DRIVE lens technology returns, providing Uv400 Protection (which absorbs rays with a wavelength of up to 400 nanometers), anti-glare protection, and an impact-resistant polycarbonate that’s coated for scratch protections.

The Porsche Design Sunglasses P´8951 have been limited to just 911 pairs and are available now pre-order for $1,200.

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