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Polo Ralph Lauren x Element Skateboards Collection

Polo Ralph Lauren x Element Skateboards Collection

Ralph Lauren has once again defied expectations, this time by teaming up with skate brand Element for a fresh collaboration that’s set to drop on Thursday, October 5. This unexpected partnership combines the timeless style of Polo Ralph Lauren with the streetwise edge of skate culture. The collection boasts an array of fall essentials, from plaid shirts and chino pants to polos, sweatshirts, graphic tees, and caps. The color palette is a beautiful mix of earthy tones like browns, greens, and blues, perfectly suited for the autumn season.

One standout piece in this collection pays homage to a 1982 Ralph Lauren classic—a meticulously embroidered knit sweater adorned with a charming woodsy schoolhouse and a skateboarding twist. To celebrate the collaboration, Ralph Lauren and Element took 13 young skaters to Seek Skate Camp in the scenic foothills of Mount Hood, where they immersed themselves in nature, learned about veg dyeing, and even explored film photography under the guidance of legendary photographer Joe Brook. This unique blend of fashion and skate culture showcases the enduring appeal of Ralph Lauren, bridging the gap between fashion-forward prep and the skateboarding subculture. Don’t miss out on this versatile collection that effortlessly combines outdoor charm with utilitarian style.

Discover the full collection on Ralph Lauren’s online shop, flagship stores, and select skate shops from Element’s retailer roster, and get ready to elevate your fall wardrobe with these iconic pieces.

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