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Pharrell x Adidas HU NMD S1 RYAT Shoes

Pharrell x Adidas HU NMD S1 RYAT Shoes

Legendary artist and possible vampire (I mean, seriously, this guy doesn’t age) Pharrell has once again partnered with Adidas on a new shoe, the HU NMD S1 Ryat. While it may look like a license plate number, it’s actually a tonally unique hiking-inspired kick. Dotted in pastels with a large chunky heel, this shoe looks like it’s made for the trail, but just as easily can fit into your next bar crawl. Pharrell’s ease at which he creates and melds together aesthetics is unrivaled and, because of that, not easily replicated, making them a shoe worth having for seasons ahead. Available Saturday, April 23rd for $250.

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