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Oak Street Bootmakers Navy Trail Oxford

Oak Street Bootmakers Navy Trail Oxford

If you take a quick glance at the shoes section it’s easy to understand how you could go broke and maybe miss a loan payment or three just buying shoes that show up on Cool Material. Not that, uh, one of the writers did that or anything. If you’re a little more on the reasonable side when it comes to your collection of kicks it’s really hard to pick and choose just one pair of shoes. You need to look for things like style, construction, material quality, comfort, and odds of getting laid. These Navy Trail Oxfords from Oak Street Bootmakers have all of that – in spades. The shoe starts as navy Horween Chromexcel leather (Horween is the Rolls Royce of leather) and then gets hand-stitched (wax, of course). Oak Street also employs a form-fitting inner and rawhide laces. Yeah, we know. There’s a pair in our shopping cart already.

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