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MURO Sneakers

MURO Sneakers

Using the purity, versatility, malleability and intense colors of transition metals, along with the smallest, basic and indivisible unit of matter (the atom) as points of inspiration, MURO has created some seriously hard-wearing, seriously pretty sneakers. The Metal and Atom collections each have five pairs of solid color sneakers with accents on each of the soles, for ten pairs total. The clean lines and colorways are just the beginning because each pair is also made with high-quality materials in Europe and pretty cool technical details. Using lycra, coolmax abrasion-resistant inner lining and single reinforced stitching, they’ll hold up for more than a season. With some help from biomechanics experts, they created ideal clearances in the toe, heel and insole for maximum comfort. They’re industrially designed sneakers that also look good.

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