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Erem Xerocole Desert Boot

Erem Xerocole Desert Boot

Erem is a new boot brand dedicated to the desert. That’s right, their footwear is specifically geared towards demanding rocky, sandy, and arid environments. These desert hikers are made with full-grain leather, woven canvas, and Tencel Lyocell uppers. The result is tough, puncture-resistant, breathable, and odor-resistant wear. The tongue is elongated to keep dust and dirt out, and there’s a heel tab and padded collar for added convenience and comfort. The substantial but integrated toe bumper protects, and the wood-fiber shank board provides torsional rigidity when things get uneven. The molded cork footbed and supportive insole equate to enduring all-day wear, and the stitched single-piece, rubber sole means they can be resoled. Xerocole can be repaired through the Erem Reboot program. At the end of its life, it can be re-streamed into new boots, so it’s easy on the environmental conscience, too.

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