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Craft Nordlite Speed Running Shoe

Craft Nordlite Speed Running Shoe

Looking to step up your running game? Meet the Nordlite Speed from Swedish brand Craft, your new favorite running shoe makers.

Craft’s Nordlite Speed boasts an ultra-lightweight design that effortlessly propels you forward, giving you the edge you need to conquer any route. Its precision-engineered features provide optimal support and cushioning, making those grueling runs feel like a breeze. The secret is in the brand’s Cr Foam, offering both added stability and explosive rebound. The Nordlite Speed is built for both road and light trail running with their three-piece lugged traction rubber outsole so you should feel comfortable and secure all day long. And the upper is a single-layer, specially engineered mesh making the Nordlite Speed breathable and durable.

Don’t just run, run in style with the Craft Nordlite Speed Running Shoe, your feet will thank you for it.

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