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Vollebak Waterfallproof Ski Pant

Vollebak Waterfallproof Ski Pant

With a changing world, Vollebak continues to make clothes for any ecological situation one may find themselves in. Including their newest ski pant. With an emphasis on protecting against the worst of the elements, Vollebak’s pants are incredibly waterproof, windproof and insulated for longterm wear in the elements. The pants are constructed from an advanced 3 layer Swiss material with an intelligent membrane that opens and closes in the heat, making for a breathable garment that adapts to the varying climates when worn. And while the technology behind the garment is impressive, Vollebak doesn’t forget about general comfort and ease, including  a four-way stretch detachable bib, waterproof zippers, reinforced ankle panels and cross-flow venting. All of this makes for a garment that’s easy to wear, no matter the occasion.

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