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The Best Corduroy Pants for Fall

The Best Corduroy Pants for Fall

There’s no single piece of material or clothing that signals the transition to fall quite like corduroy. Whether you’re setting off on an outdoor adventure, chopping wood or relaxing at home, the warm embrace of a pair of corduroy pants will make everything better. With its distinctive raised “cord” or wale texture, corduroy is like an elevated version of denim with multiple forms that run the gamut from super comfortable to incredibly stylish. We rounded up our favorites for fall 2021 from multiple brands with plenty of different styles and colorways at a variety of price points.


Flint & Tinder 365 Corduroy Jogger

When it comes to style, versatility, and damn near bulletproof build quality, you won’t find better than the options from Flint & Tinder. Their 365 Corduroy Jogger combines the same 98% cotton, 2% spandex 8 oz blended fabric from the 365 Pant that you’ve come to know, love, and rely on year-round–except this version uses corduroy, an elastic waistband, and elastic on the ankle hems. They wear like the joggers you’ve been wearing for all of COVID, but they’re more comfortable, stylish and durable.
Buy: $108


Drake’s Japanese Selvedge Corduroy Five-Pocket Trousers

We’ve already done a deep dive into the world of selvage/self-edge/selvedge as it relates to denim but those same principles and construction methods also apply to corduroy. We were as surprised as you are when we found this out, but these Drake’s Japanese Selvedge Corduroys capitalize on all the greatest aspects (long-term durability, built quality, patina, etc.) while also creating a pair of pants that’s comfortable, stylish, and pairable with anything.
Buy: $425


Todd Snyder Slim Fit 5-Pocket Italian Corduroy Pant

Acclaimed, renowned, and heavily-awarded menswear designer Todd Snyder has revived or put his stamp on everything from tracksuits and Timex watches, to New Balance sneakers and FJ Company Land Cruisers. If you’re counting wins, they’ve all been huge hits. That also applies to the Todd Snyder Slim Fit 5-Pocket Italian Corduroy Pant you see here. Italian stretch fine 14 wale corduroy combined with slim-fit tailoring and classic 5-pocket styling make this a pair of pants you can wear everywhere. They come in slim and straight cuts and are available in eight different colors ranging from the classic black and navy to more unconventional like cream and this light green.
Buy: $168


A.P.C. Petit Standard Slim Fit Corduroy Pants

Yes, believe it or not, one of your favorite denim manufacturers is also making corduroy pants that, surprise, look, feel and wear like your favorite pair of denim. The A.P.C. Petit Standard Slim Fit Corduroy Pants celebrate all the clean lines, simple patterns, and minimalist designs the brand is known for with their jeans except this option is made with an imported, 100% cotton corduroy and a deep, dark Lzz Noir colorway that pairs perfectly with everything from sneakers and a jacket to loafers and a cardigan.
Buy: $265


L.L.Bean Stretch Country Corduroy Pants

By far the most affordable option on this list, the L.L.Bean Stretch Country Corduroy Pants are probably what you picture when you close your eyes and think about corduroy. Equal part Dad pants and outfitter apparel, these 9 oz. weight cotton/spandex blend pants are machine safe (wash AND dry), designed with on-seam and back button-through pockets, equipped with a fully-finished inside waistband and built to last through a lifetime of road trips, weekend adventures, camper rentals, and all the other things your dad tried to trick you into participating in.
Buy: $65


Carhartt Work in Progress Corduroy Keyto Cargo Pant

While we most definitely understand the stigma that surrounds regular cargo pants, these Carhartt Work in Progress Corduroy Keyto Cargo Pants are anything but regular. Tailored from midweight 15 wale cotton corduroy and built with two on-leg pockets and a double-layer knee, these relaxed fit pants check all the boxes when it comes to corduroy pants–except they also have ankle pull closures and cargo pockets to accommodate lighters, fire starters, flasks or anything else you might need while you’re on your way into the wild.
Buy: $178


Alex Mill Rugged Corduroy Standard Pleated Pant

Alex Mill is a fully functional New York brand that was launched a collective lifetime ago by a bunch of J.Crew menswear vets and their kids before evolving into the design powerhouse it is today. While Alex Mill has plenty of great options you sign over your hard-earned check for, we’d highly recommend you shell out the cash for the Alex Mill Rugged Corduroy Standard Pleated Pant you see here. 100% cotton corduroy in deep navy (or one of the other 4 colors) mated with single pleat detailing, real corozo buttons, and an “X” loop in the back make this one of the most vibrant and wearable pairs of cords we’ve seen yet.
Buy: $135


Gustin #95 Military Corduroy 5 Pocket Pant

Gustin has always scored huge points for all of their offerings because they focus on burly, beautiful, vintage-inspired fabrics regardless of what they’re making. This is particularly true when it comes to the Gustin #95 Military Corduroy 5 Pocket Pant made with 14 oz corduroy fabric milled in Japan, combined with 5-pocket Japanese military styling and finished with all the usual denim jean-type facets you’ve come to know, love and expect. In other words, the Gustin #95 Military Corduroy 5 Pocket Pant looks like a pair a denim, wears like corduroy, and is comfy as hell throughout.
Buy: $153

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