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What Every Type of Dress Code Really Means For Men

What Every Type of Dress Code Really Means For Men

There are times when it feels like the dress code listed on an invitation is a puzzle to figure out. Or worse: a test. The host chose the dress code to help set the tone for the occasion, and getting the right level of formality as a guest is a sign of respect to the host and the event itself. But from resort casual to semi-formal to black tie to white tie, the gap for potential confusion is wide.

The History of Dress Codes

Dress codes reflect societal norms and fashion trends, and have evolved significantly over time. Their historical context offers profound insights into their contemporary significance, influenced by cultural, professional, and social factors. These codes mirror the formality and etiquette of diverse time periods and regions, embodying the intersection of fashion, status, and tradition.
In ancient civilizations, dress codes were often closely linked to social status and economic class.

For instance, in ancient Egypt, elaborate hairstyles and jewelry were reserved for the elite, while simpler attire was worn by the common people. During the Middle Ages, dress codes became stricter, with specific garments associated with different social groups and occupations. For example, priests wore long robes, while peasants wore simple tunics and trousers. The 19th century saw a gradual shift toward more relaxed dress codes, particularly among the middle and lower classes. This was partly due to the Industrial Revolution, which led to more affordable clothing that were once luxurious. In the 21st century, dress codes have become even more fluid and diverse, reflecting the globalized world we live in. There is a growing acceptance of individual expression and a rejection of rigid rules.

Every Type of Dress Code For Men, Explained



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Formal dress codes embody sophistication and elegance for special events. Attire must adhere to traditional standards of refinement, often including suits with a tie and timeless accessories like a quality watch. While custom bespoke suits are the highest standard here, you don’t have to break the bank on formal attire with retailers like Indochino.

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white tie

White Tie

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White tie events necessitate the most formal attire, featuring tailcoats, a white tie, and formal accessories. These events are reserved for prestigious, high-society gatherings, emphasizing regal, time-honored wardrobe elements. There are specific suits for white tie events that include a bowtie (that is tied yourself, no pre-tied nonsense) and shirts with studs or cufflinks. Black pants and a black jacket with tails are also required, with black patent leather shoes to match. White shirt, waistcoat, and bowtie are traditional. This is formalwear to its highest level, with retailers like Dobell leading the way outside of custom tailoring.

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black tie

Black Tie

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In formal settings, adhering to the black tie dress code underscores an appreciation for classic dressing traditions. Black tie guidelines prioritize polished, sleek wardrobe choices, capturing a balance of traditional formality and contemporary style. Unlike white tie, jackets don’t need tails but should still be highly formal. The dress code typically features tuxedos, black bowties, black dress shoes, and well-coordinated accessories. Embracing black tie attire allows individuals to exude grace and sophistication, making it suitable for prestigious events, weddings, and formal gatherings.

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cocktail attire

Cocktail Attire

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Cocktail attire epitomizes a blend of sophistication and stylish semi-formal dressing. It encourages attire choices that strike a balance between refinement and contemporary fashion elements. Cocktail attire includes a suit and tie, but feel free to get more creative with colors and classy leather shoes that match the belt. Adhering to this dress code allows for creative, elegant wardrobe expressions, embracing polished, chic ensembles suitable for semi-formal events. The versatility of cocktail attire accommodates a wide range of wardrobe expressions, maintaining formality while embracing modernity and creativity. One thing you will need is a versatile sports coat or casual blazer to set the tone and build an outfit around.

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Business Casual and Semi-formal Attire

Business Casual and Semi-formal Attire

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Business casual and semi-formal dress codes promote a blend of professionalism with a relaxed, approachable style. It’s defined by a blazer (which can be in a looser cut and style), chinos or slacks, and loafers or nice leather shoes. Ties are optional, though nice shirts with a collar are not. Business casual attire includes dressy separates, khaki pants, dark suits, business attire, and dress shoes, making it suitable for various work settings. A blazer in various colors or a gray that goes with everything will complete the look. This dress code is the most common among workplaces, offering flexibility while maintaining a professional appearance.

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smart casual

Smart Casual

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Smart casual attire strikes a balance between formal and casual dressing, allowing for a more relaxed yet still professional look. It typically involves well-fitting, stylish casual clothing like chinos, a dress shirt, and loafers, providing a great opportunity to showcase personal style while staying polished. When adhering to smart casual dress codes, it’s essential to avoid sneakers, denim, or, on the other side of the spectrum, overly formal attire, and instead opt for smart separates. This ensemble offers a perfect blend of comfort and sophistication, offering individuals the flexibility to express their personality through their wardrobe choices. A proper pair of loafers will go a long way to completing the look and acting as a starting point to the rest of your outfit.

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Casual dress codes prioritize comfort, informality, and relaxed style, encouraging wardrobe choices that reflect an easygoing approach to dressing. Attire adhering to casual dress codes is opting for functional pieces that are suitable for informal settings, embracing expressions that prioritize comfort, practicality, and personal style. This dress code fosters attire choices that are effortless, approachable, and reflective of individual comfort, making it a versatile option for various casual occasions. While what those casual clothes look like depends on a one’s personal style, you can’t go wrong with a classic white shirt with a good pair of jeans.

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resort casual

Resort Casual

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Resort casual dress codes exude a relaxed, vacation-inspired style, blending casual comfort with resort sophistication. This attire reflects a polished, leisurely and beachy vibe, balancing laid-back ease with refined, vacation-inspired elements. It accommodates relaxed attire choices that evoke a sense of leisure and style. Resort casual attire embodies a wardrobe aesthetic that captures the essence of a vacation, allowing for attire that is casual yet reflects a touch of resort sophistication and leisure. Nice Hawaiian shirts are common, and a light-colored blazer can help up the formality without being over the top. Khaki or light-colored pants are preferable, though well-fitting shorts can be acceptable in some daytime situations.

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