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Levi’s Wellthread 2021 Fall / Winter Collection

Levi’s Wellthread 2021 Fall / Winter Collection

As we’re sure you’re well aware of by now, everyone at Cool Material is a huge fan of denim. We love the small denim brands, the Japanese outfits and the raw denim makers, but we’ll always be partial to the classic Levi’s numbers and their various styles/fits/cuts. Which brings us to the latest Levi’s release, the Wellthread 2021 Fall / Winter Collection. Designed for durability and engineered for 100% recyclability, this collection is built on a platform of sustainable fibers like organic cotton and hemp with a new range of sustainable, plant-based dye systems that save both energy and water. The end result is a stylish piece of clothing that adheres to all of Levi’s standards while also having a lower impact on the environment in terms of energy, chemicals and techniques. If you want to look great complete with all the classical style–without feeling bad about how your outfit is impacting the planet–the Levi’s Wellthread 2021 Fall / Winter Collection is the best way to do it.

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