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DUER’s No Sweat Pants Wear Like Joggers and Look Like Your Best-Fit Chinos

DUER’s No Sweat Pants Wear Like Joggers and Look Like Your Best-Fit Chinos

This is Worth The Hype, where our writers and editors put popular products to the test to see if they are, in fact, worth the hype.

Good pants never go out of fashion. Sure, trends come and go, but pants that fit well and hold up to all of the things guys put them through over a garment’s lifetime will outlast anything purchased to fit whatever is currently en vogue, from baggy to skinny to loose fit. Multi-purpose pants that wear in with your day-to-day, instead of wear out, will get you through work meetings just as well as a weekend that leads from one adventure to the next. Recently, my go-to has been DUER’s No Sweat Pant.


I’ve worn through my fair share of pants over the years. Even the best materials can only handle so much abuse, and it’s too often the case that durability comes at the cost of comfort. The No Sweat Pant has a gusset that works without screaming “work wear” and high-stretch fabric (cotton, eucalyptus-derived TENCEL, polyester, and Spandex) that’s moisture-wicking and anti-bacterial. They were among the first products DUER created, and it’s easy to see why they’ve remained a best seller as the brand has grown.

As a new dad, having pants that can easily match whatever awkward position I find myself in — from dropping low to pick up dropped items to folding myself up for a quick couch nap — is just as important as pants that look fresh on a night out despite days of spit up and house work. The No Sweat Pant breaths, stretches, handles all spills, and is incredibly soft. It’s the comfort of a pair of joggers with the look and wear of well-fitted jeans. I opted for the slim fit. Among all of the types of pant fits, slim is always a gamble for my thin thighs and thick calves. The gamble paid off this time. The fit is slim in the right places while still allowing for breathing room and avoiding that painted on look.

These aren’t built for deep cold, but they’re perfectly fine for a typical early winter Colorado day — and for those typical Colorado days that turn from chilly to balmy to just below freezing within a couple of hours. And I know they’ll get just as much use the rest of the year, too.


Specs: DU/ER No Sweat Pant

  • Hidden gusset
  • High stretch fabric
  • Natural TENCEL™ Lyocell fibers
  • Security back pocket
  • Triple-stitched inseam, gusset, and back rise for durability
  • Zip fly
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