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Dainese Smart Jacket LS with D-air

Dainese Smart Jacket LS with D-air

Count on one of the leading motorcycle apparel companies to come up with a jacket that actually incorporates an airbag. The new Smart Jacket LS uses D-air technology and touts itself as the pinnacle of motorcycle protection by employing the same patented technology used by MotoGP racers. The jacket uses Dainese’s proprietary internal microfilaments that activate controlled air to create a near-rigid shield in a fraction of a second. The airbag is even compliant with certification specs both on the chest and on the back. It effectively provides the same protection as eight chest protectors and seven back protectors without restricting movement the way hard shells do. It activates when it senses low-sides, high-sides, object/vehicles, and rear-end collisions, even when stopped. The D-air system charges for 26 hours of battery life. The Smart Jacket LS also provides abrasion resistance, breathability, and stretch with Micro nylon and Elastomer. It also comes with more traditional Pro-Armor at the elbows and shoulders. It’s available now for $900.

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