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10 Jackets That Will Help You Transition Into Spring

10 Jackets That Will Help You Transition Into Spring

The time between winter and spring offers the most difficult sartorial challenge. You need a heavy jacket in the morning but you’re in short sleeves by mid-afternoon. That’s why you need a jacket heavy enough for the early commute and light enough for the afternoon one. You need a jacket built for rain, snow, wind, and sunshine. You need a jacket that isn’t your winter jacket but still can act a little like it. You need a jacket like one of these.

The North Face Jenison II Jacket

The North Face is known for making great jackets. Their fleece ones blew up in 2010, making their way from ski slopes to everyday commutes across the country. They also happen to make great all-weather gear. The Jenison II, arguably their most water resistant and attractive option, will keep you dry and fly every day. $149

Penfield Okenfield Jacket

Here’s a lightweight nylon bomber jacket from Penfield. Their stuff is quality, comfortable, and well-designed. You won’t have any issues with this one; you’ll be able to wear it on the breeziest of days and dress it down on the warmer, rainier ones. And for the price, you’re getting a jacket that’ll last you at least five years. $125

J.Crew Quilted Ripstop Jacket

J.Crew is one of the most consistent names in menswear. Their basic, modern look has established them as a serious contender for go-to shop. Their collections don’t change much–just silhouettes and colors–and they’re affordable for their quality. But, each year you’ll see glimpses of trendiness from the J.Crew design team. This quilted, ripstop jacket is a perfect example. The tri-color jacket will look good now and ten years from now. $198

Maharishi Camo Spring Quilted Jacket

This jacket is even called the “Spring Jacket.” The routine that Maharishi follows closely in the production of each jacket also makes this piece one-of-a-kind. The jacket is smudged with herbal essence, blessed, and splashed with saffron water. Its surplus-look is juxtaposed by its high-fashion appearance. $380

Knickerbocker Mfg. Co. Knickerbocker Type 1 Jacket

When you buy a piece from Knickerbocker Mfg. Co., you’re given the opportunity to pay off the piece in small, monthly installments. This makes investing in the entire collection much more feasible for everyone. Start your collection with the Type I—a denim jacket that’ll keep you warm on windier days and cool on the sunnier ones. $295

Filson Canvas Short Cruiser

If you were keen to what your dad wore during your teenage years, he probably owned a jacket or two from Filson. They’re peak “cool-dad,” but truthfully, they’re damn good jackets. They’re reliable, good looking and neither too heavy or too light. $195

J.Crew Norwood Denim Jacket

Here we meet again, J.Crew. This is a high-quality, medium-weight denim jacket in a light, “Norwood” wash. The jacket is inter-seasonal and the right weight for this confusing time. It’s also a part of J.Crew’s famously excellent spring sale. $118

Kiriko Patched Kendo Jacket

O.K., we know. This $395 jacket isn’t reasonable for everyone. But, this one-of-a-kind coat is made of vintage Japanese fabrics, reinforced modern stitching and a silhouette unique to your choosing. With purchase, you’re granted the ability to fully customize one. The dye, the shape, the pattern—Kiriko will use their catalog to create a jacket you love. $395

Goodfellow & Co. Harrington Jacket

Goodfellow & Co. is Target’s newly launched menswear line. This Harrington jacket in medium khaki is the perfect addition to the dressed-up, minimalist wardrobe. Oh, and it’s also only $40. At a price that can’t be beat, and in a silhouette that is reminiscent Bonobos and Banana Republic, it’s a must-grab. $40 

adidas Livesey Anorak

This parka, raincoat hybrid in mint-green is signature adidas. It’s simple, “Euro,” and fits nicely. It’s a piece you’ll rarely see, as there’s a limit on your order of one per person, and a piece you’ll certainly get asked about. There are no brazen logos here; just a good looking jacket that’s well worth a purchase. $180