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8 Places to Buy or Sell Good-Looking Used Clothes

8 Places to Buy or Sell Good-Looking Used Clothes

Sometimes what you’re looking for can’t be found in a department store or on your favorite brand’s website. You’re tempted to hop on eBay and risk being gouged by ruthless sellers and unauthentic copies. Pump the brakes.

There are plenty of websites—that aren’t Ebay—where you can buy, sell, or simply “window-shop” the best of both the new and the vintage menswear worlds. Need something from Saint Laurent SS13? Need a sturdy tweed blazer that looks elegantly hand-me-down? Looking for a pair of sneakers that someone may have worn once but grew to hate, that you love? Try any one of these eight resales sites where good things come cheap and great things are aplenty.


Grailed was founded in 2013, and since, the site has grown into an e-commerce giant. Hypebeasts and archive-diggers alike spend days on the site perusing the hundreds of thousands of postings. You’ll find rare pieces, never-worn staples, both sports and band merch, and plenty of sneakers. You’re able to buy now or bid. This is the site for anyone looking for the drop they missed out on. Link


Depop is more DIY than the other sites on this list. It’s the place to “find something that means something.” Here, you’ll find handmade, repurposed, and rediscovered pieces that you won’t find in any store. You’re haggling directly with a seller and, therefore, you’re more likely to get the piece at a price that works for the both of you. Link


This is strictly for the buyers–sellers cannot independently post their own products. Technically, Farfetch shouldn’t make this list. But, their extensive list of affiliate boutiques and partners creates a deep catalog of vintage and deadstock products for buyers to search through. If you happen to be a store owner, you can apply to be an affiliate, but if you’re not, and you’re just looking to score some good-looking goods, you could spend days sifting through. This is the mecca of new and vintage luxury clothing—kind of like Garmentory but higher-end. Link


Details are scarce about this new platform. A brainchild of Jake Woolf, Justin Hruska, and Nate Brown, Seam aims to offer an enhanced shopping experience for men. The finer details—what brands will be on it, who will be able to sell what, and when it’ll be available to public—aren’t available yet. But, it’s safe to say, with the combined industry experience of the men behind it, the site will be comprehensive, easy-to-use, and all-encompassing. Link


Mercari is a place you can “buy or sell almost anything.” It’s true. There are TVs, cutlery sets, handmade gems, and yes, men’s—and women’s—clothing. Most of it is pretty cheap, too; you probably won’t find Grailed-worthy pieces here, but it’s a good place to find basics and pretty cheap, hardly-worn sneakers. Link

ASOS Marketplace

The department-store-like giant ASOS has its own vintage and DIY page called “Marketplace.” Here, smaller boutiques and vintage stores alike can post their own products. This one’s a bit harder to navigate than the rest—there’s a lot here, from a lot of stores—but you’re more likely to find trendier products. ASOS tries to curate the best, and the most likely to sell, on the Marketplace’s homepage. And, the billing goes straight through ASOS, meaning, if you already have an account there, it’s super easy to buy and ship with just a few clicks. Link

Vestiaire Collective

Vestiaire Collective is the best place to buy guaranteed authentic vintage wear. The collective prescreens every listing to make sure it’s real, the property of the seller, and in acceptable condition. To buy, or sell, you must make an account—but it takes mere seconds to do so. When you’re in, you have access to thousands of exclusive listings—think luxury brands like Gucci, Thom Browne, Saint Laurent, etc. This is the place to go if you’ve got expensive taste but would like a little discount. Link


Rokit began as a vintage store in a tiny London market. Over the years, it grew into an online marketplace that features an extensive catalog of vintage goods. You can find everything from Prada to Vans to NFL Jerseys at extreme discounts. Most of the stuff is in great shape, something Rokit has prided itself on since the beginning. Plus, they’ll ship everything to you for a reasonable fee. Think of Rokit as the holy-grail of vintage stores put online. Link