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8 Tank Tops Nice Enough to Wear Out This Summer

8 Tank Tops Nice Enough to Wear Out This Summer

Tanks rarely feel acceptable. Headed to the beach? Sure. Headed to the gym? Eh, yeah, we guess. Out to dinner? Please no. But, there are some tanks out that there that look acceptable enough to wear places that aren’t near a pool or a rack of weights. The key to finding any tank that’s worthy of a public appearance lies in the fabric, the cut of the “sleeves,” and the color. Here are eight tanks that meet those criteria–and might look O.K. in public.

Saturdays NYC Rosen Links Tank

Saturdays NYC—despite being city-based—is a bonafide surf-mecca. Their items are surf-inspired, and their meant-to-surf-in stuff is true to the needs of real surfers. When it comes to their tanks, well, they’re meant to be broken-in and worn on the beach. They’ll let you get some sun, but you won’t feel “naked” by any means. They’re also nice enough to wear in places without sand. Buy

San Francisco Warriors Wilt Chamberlain Jersey

Yes, technically, this is a tank. But, this tank is stylish, perfectly vintage, high-quality, and an NBA jersey. If you’re not keen on beach-y, surf-y tanks, this is the perfect alternative. It’s just as breathable, the cut is the same, and you can wear a basketball jersey—at least one that looks good—anywhere you wear a tank. Buy

Todd Snyder x Champion Muscle Tee

This collaboration between Todd Snyder and Champion yielded a tank that looks equal parts hand-me-down t-shirt—in a good way—and not-so-douchey tank. There’s no racerback; there’s no low, scooping neckline; nobody has to see your armpits or an unflattering side-view of your in-process abdomen. This tank is a safe bet. Buy

Saturdays Rosen Pima Tank

Here’s another tank from the seaside-apparel kings at Saturdays. This is a burnt red—hopefully not the shade you’ll be after wearing it—tank that’s perfectly ragged and an acceptable addition to an I-don’t-feel-like-wearing-clothes fit. If it’s ever above 100 degrees, or you’re planning to shed 99% of your clothes to enter a body of water, this is a perfectly acceptable top. Buy

Vans Surf and Turf Tank

Vans is another coastal company that was built upon wear made for outdoor activities. Their shoes withstand brutal skate seshs; their tees withstand sun and rain and sand and even the most brutal falls. Now, their tanks are here to survive your sunny-days, your sunscreen stains, and your sandy naps. These are comfortable, cheap, and damn good looking. Buy

Alternative Apparel Basic Tank Top

Yes, there’s nothing too special going on here. Yeah, you can probably find a similar looking one at, say, Walmart or Target. But, the secret here is in the cut. Alternative Apparel has taken the guessing out of whether you’ll look put together in a tank with this option. Buy

Topman Santa Monica Tank

Here’s a dusty black tank that’ll make you think twice about where you wear it, as it reads “Santa Monica” across the front. Feel weird repping California poolside in Connecticut? Maybe don’t wear a tank. On the beach in Puerto Plata and you’re really feeling the heat—and no one will say a word to you about the distant city you’re repping? Wear the tank. Buy