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Heavy Flannels Perfect for Fall

Heavy Flannels Perfect for Fall

If you live anywhere with a climate like ours, it’s time to start thinking about warmer clothes for the colder months. Vests and jackets and flannel-lined pants and long underwear are on the horizon, but you can delay thinking about those frigid weather options for a least a little while if you pick up a quality heavy flannel. These are our favorite shirts perfect for the fall.

Uniqlo Heavy Flannel Long Sleeve

We consider a quality, heavy flannel to be a closet staple, so it should come as no surprise that Uniqlo, one of our favorite brands when it comes to basics, is on this list. Their Heavy Flannel Long Sleeve shirt has a thick, sturdy feel that’s brushed to create a super-soft, warm texture. In addition to being a great fall staple, this shirt works perfectly on its own or as a shirt jacket over a comfy tee or an undershirt. You can barely get a good twelve pack of beer for twenty bucks, so the fact that you can get a great buffalo plaid shirt that will last more than one wear makes this even better. $20

Goodfellow & Co Heavyweight Flannel Shirt

At one point or another we’ve all been in a jam and had to pick up some threads at the nearest big box store. Target has always had a solid collection of options if clothing was destroyed or lost and their selection only got better with the introduction of their new menswear line Goodfellow & Co. This new line is focused on fit, finish and quality while still keeping the affordable price tag, and the Heavyweight Flannel Shirt is the perfect example why. 100% soft cotton construction available in six different colors (we’re partial to the blue option) that will keep you warm during the fall, while also being a perfect compliment to everything from chinos and jeans to sweats and joggers. $25

Carhartt Hubbard Plaid Flannel Shirt

We’re honestly not sure we’d be able to pick a favorite piece from Carhartt if you asked us to. Their denim jackets and chore coats are phenomenal and they have fantastic watches, tees, pants and button-downs. If you don’t already have a great heavy flannel shirt for the fall, the Carhartt Hubbard Plaid Flannel Shirt is a great option from a renowned workwear brand. 8.25 ounce, 100% cotton ringspun flannel construction with a soft feel and reduced shrinkage that’s tailored to what the brand describes as “a working man’s fit with the most room to move.” This is heritage flannel at its finest. $45

Duluth Trading Co. Burlyweight Free Swingin’ Flannel Shirt

Any tradesman knows Duluth Trading Co. is a name you can trust regardless of which one of their products you plan on beating up on a regular basis. The Burlyweight Free Swingin’ Flannel Shirt is the heftiest flannel shirt they’ve ever sold, and they bill it as a “real wood-choppin’, horse-loggin’ kind of flannel shirt.” After checking out the feature set on this shirt we’re inclined to agree. Hidden underarm gussets for freedom of movement. Large exterior pockets without flaps and hidden pockets for a cellphone and a pencil. 15 different color options for any occasion. This is the kind of shirt we could see Paul Bunyan chopping wood in. $55

Patagonia Long-Sleeved Fjord Flannel

Made from warm and durable heavyweight 100% organic cotton flannel. Oversized, single button flap pockets on both sides of the chest. Adjustable cuffs and a straight hem across the bottom. Sixteen different colorways ranging from solid navy blue to a bright red and white plaid. Most importantly, it bears the Patagonia name and the associated quality that’s graced everything from puffer jackets to backpacks for decades. The Patagonia Long-Sleeved Fjord Flannel shirt will probably last as long as the Andes. $89

Topo Designs Heavyweight Work Shirt

As evidenced by their travel backpacks and, well, everything else they produce, Topo Designs has a love affair with bright color blocking when it comes to the patterns they choose for their products. And we love it, which is why their Red/Yellow Plaid Heavyweight Work Shirt is on this list. It’s simultaneously loud and ostentatious while also being classically styled and burly enough to get you through an entire season or two of cold weather. It’s a statement piece for sure, but that’s one of the reasons we like it so much. $129

Filson Vintage Flannel Work Shirt

When it comes to outdoor outfitters, the Filson name has been trusted for everything from bags and jackets to shirts and accessories for more than a century. The Filson Vintage Flannel Work Shirt lives up to the brand’s history in every regard. It’s a breathable cotton button-down with a soft, brushed twill interior rated for three seasons of wear in the field, as workwear or the everyday. If you want a comfortable, stylish, well cut flannel that’s also capable of being machine washed when you get it dirty, look no further than the Filson Vintage Flannel Work Shirt, regardless of which colorway you choose. $145

Iron Heart Ultra Heavy Flannel

This is quite possibly one of the most expensive shirts we’ve ever covered–for the record, everything from Iron Heart is pricey–but it’s worth every penny. Established by people with decades of experience in the garment industry, Iron Heart was originally developed as clothing for bikers. Everything they make is completely, ridiculously, unequivocally over-engineered to be the highest quality possible. Ultra heavyweight glen check cotton flannel woven from Aspero cotton (wild cotton from the foothills of Peru that’s considered to be one of the purest out there) that’s single brushed on the face and double brushed on the reverse before being finished with premium, heavy-duty snaps. Pair it with some small batch denim and you’re good to go. $345