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10 Henley Shirts to Consider This Spring

10 Henley Shirts to Consider This Spring

Think of the Henley as the convertible of t-shirts. It’s more sophisticated than a tank-top and less garish than a v-neck; it’s a detailed addition to your wardrobe that’ll look good buttoned up and classy-casual undone. There are plenty of ways to wear a Henley, too, if you’re afraid you’ll look pirate-y or too much like Johnny Depp. Test your limits, undo the top button, and relax. There is a Henley out there for everyone. Here are 10 we recommend.

Knickerbocker Mfg Co.

Knickerbocker Manufacturing Co. is a New York-based purveyor of fine clothes. Their style is work and athletic-wear inspired but revamped using more modern, finer fabrics and materials. Their products have a classic, worn look to them but a body that will last through repeated and rigorous wear. They’re not expensive either: $70 up front or $13 a month. Buy


You can trust J.Crew to make viable and good-looking staples every season. Here’s a broken-in, short-sleeve Henley that’ll look good by itself or underneath a jacket or a shirt. It’s made of high-quality cotton and it’s ribbed in the spots where Henley shirts wear most: the collar and the trim. Buy


This is the most luxurious around-the-house shirt you can buy for under $100. It’s made from 100% cotton and has striped placket lining along with nearly indestructible buttons. You can wear it around the house, as they model it, or to the gym or to the beach; it’s up to you, and that’s the beauty of it. Buy


Bonobos is another one of the great staple-makers. No, they don’t literally make staples; they’re great at making the simple foundation of your wardrobe, and this Henley is no exception. It comes in 10 colors—all at a really good price—and fits very casually. It’s perfect for the warmer days and a great layer for the cooler evening. Buy

Rag and Bone

Here’s your chance to get a high-end Henley for half the price. The folks at Rag and Bone make high-end goods that look and feel great. This classic Henley, in vintage red, will look great all spring and it won’t break the bank. Buy


Are you feeling nervous about having your t-shirt unbuttoned to the middle of your chest? Yes? Well, Brixton made a single button Henley that will leave you feeling kept together and coastal cool. It’s the same great idea, just held back a tiny bit. Buy

Goodfellow & Co.

Yes, this is Target’s clothing brand. No, it’s not cheap or ugly. It’s a seasonal staple at a low price. We’d recommend the black one—mostly because the others are a bit Easter-y. That said, you can’t really go wrong with any of them if they fit your style. Buy


Is this a v-neck or a Henley? Does a Henley need to have buttons? Who really knows. All we have here is Vestige’s rendition of the classic garment. It’s buttonless, ribbed and dug-out to sit, at its lowest point, at the top of your sternum. It’s a good-looking, and high-fashion, version of the Henley. Buy

Agave Denim

Something about this Henley is very, well, L.A. It’s sun-faded and looser fitting. It comes in six colors and they’ll age well and never fade—any more, at least. Buy

Abercrombie & Fitch

Yes, Abercrombie is on this list. No, they’re not the same Abercrombie you remember seeing nearly a decade ago. They’ve grown up a little bit since they changed their creative direction, and they’re started putting out more viable, mature pieces. Here’s one of their most recent releases: the “Classic Henley.” Buy

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