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Akashi-Kama Noragi Jacket

Akashi-Kama Noragi Jacket

Menswear has often looked to Japan for quality craftsmanship and style inspiration. Whether you’re interested in formalwear or streetsyle, Japan continues to leave an influence on western fashion sensibilities. By drawing on the fashion history of Japan and crafting their products in the US, Akashi-Kama successfully bridges that gap.

Akashi-Kama makes a variety of clothes including sweaters and cardigans, shirts, hoodies, and more. But the Noragi jacket is the brand’s featured piece. The Noragi jacket, which was traditionally worn by the working class, is a simple yet handsome garment. With its roots in agriculture, it resembles the chore coat as a light jacket that could be layered with a shirt.

The Akashi-Kama Noragi jacket is made from premium Japanese fabric and actually resembles a simple blazer with a string rather than buttons along the front. As such, it can be dressed up with a shirt and tie or dressed down with a solid color shirt. The Noragi jacket is a unique piece of menswear and will surely make a statement.

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