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The Best Affordable Stealth Wealth Brands That Go Beyond the Catch Phrase

The Best Affordable Stealth Wealth Brands That Go Beyond the Catch Phrase

Let’s face it: we live in a world where conspicuous consumption and overt displays of wealth are more often than not celebrated as a sign of status and influence. But, with shows like Succession, there has been a growing trend to embrace stealth wealth or quiet luxury.

Stealth wealth isn’t just a catchy phrase online, but a way of dressing that goes for a low-key approach versus any noticeable branding or logos. Not only that, but it’s a focus on lasting, versatile pieces that look minimal and expensive. Neutral tones and a focus on classic designs are hallmarks of quiet luxury, a this style of dressing that’s concerned more with longevity than trendy fads.

The problem with dressing exactly like old money is that you need to, well, have money to look the part. But despite what the names stealth wealth and quiet luxury suggest, there are affordable brands that can complete the look. As a firm believer that dressing well shouldn’t be budget-restrictive, I’ve come up with a few alternatives to the de rigueur brands like Loro Piana, Ralph Lauren, and Brioni.

Affordable Stealth Wealth Brands

Buck Mason Felted Field Shirt

Buck Mason

I’d be remiss to not put Buck Mason at the top of the list here. Recently, Mark Zuckerberg called out the brand as his t-shirt of choice in a GQ story describing his stealth wealth style. The brand focuses on classic American menswear while elevating silhouettes and fabrics to really up the look and feel of its garments. Whether you’re in the mood for a leather jacket (unbranded, of course), or a classic white tee, Buck Mason’s ability to produce season after season of designs that never feel stale is something to applaud.

Top Choices from Buck Mason

White Slub Classic Tee: $45

Felted Field Shirt: $248

Quince Mongolian Cashmere Crewneck Sweater


It’s nearly unheard of to find cashmere–let alone good cashmere–for less than $100. Somehow, Quince has done it. One principle of stealth wealth is to opt for luxury fabrics that can be comfortable and easy to dress up on a number of occasions. I’d argue nothing represents that tenet more than cashmere. But if you’re thinking that Mongolian cashmere may not be your thing, the brand also has an array of affordable, minimal jackets, linen shirts, and polos. It wouldn’t be a stretch of the imagination to see Kendall Roy in anything from this brand, if you ask me.

Top Choices from Quince

Mongolian Cashmere Crewneck Sweater: $59.90

European Linen Shirt Jacket: $59.90

L'estrange The 24 Hour Blazer


Perhaps not as well known in the United States, L’Estrange is a UK-based brand that focuses on a modular wardrobe so that you can easily mix-and-match to create a minimalistic outfit without trying too hard. This, again, is a key component of an old money style: to have pieces that blend easily together and remain neutral enough for a variety of situations.

Top Choices from L’Estrange

The 24 Trouser: $179

The 24 Blazer: $341

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