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14 On Point Men’s Style Tumblrs

14 On Point Men’s Style Tumblrs

Menswear, personal style artifacts and clothing in general are perfectly suited for the Tumblr platform. You can scroll through endless photos until you find apparel you dig and search out the items you want to buy. Of course, with over 30 million active users, some pages are bound to be better than others. So we compiled 14 points of inspiration we frequent on a daily basis.

1. The Sharp Gentleman

Words aren’t just sparse on The Sharp Gentleman, they’re nonexistent. It’s simply a collection of guys showing off their style. With so many dudes showcasing their own unique look, the page is chock-full of inspiration for those looking to craft theirs. Tumblr

2. Fuck Yeah Made in USA

Made in the USA has been hot for a while now as guys have started to pay more attention to the quality and craftsmanship in all they buy, so if you’re looking for a heavy dose of pride and patriotism, bookmark this Tumblr. Not limited to just clothing, it reminds us of who we’re supporting when we buy American. Tumblr

3. Vavlt

Simple and clean, this Tumblr is a collection of instantly shoppable outfits. Bold links to product pages makes hunting down the clothes simple. Tumblr

4. Ripped Back Pocket

Even though it’s not updated often, Ripped Back Pocket is worth checking out anyway. Along with the menswear photos, author Christopher Bastin answers style-related questions from readers. Tumblr

5. Broke and Bespoke

Want a dressy but still comfortable look? Broke and Bespoke nails it. Stop by for some inspiration before you hit your next clambake in Nantucket. Tumblr

6. Coffee & the Newspaper

Mixed in with the clothes and overabundance of shoes are drool-worthy food shots that’ll make you want to put a bib over your nice button-down. Tumblr

7. Urban Composition

Urban Composition showcases style in unexpected places. While you’ll find plenty of dapper suits, you’ll also find beat-up workwear that’s just as appealing in its own way. Tumblr

8. Well Worn. Worn Well

From paint-splattered overcoats to broken-in motorcycle jackets, this Tumblr showcases clothing that’s seen some wear and tear. It’s a nice reminder that style isn’t just about buying pristine new gear. Tumblr

9. Style Illustrated

If you scan through enough menswear pages, you’ll end up seeing the same things over and over again. Style Illustrated is a breath of fresh air. Andrew Mashanov posts whimsically illustrated outfits, some of which are available as prints in his Society6 shop. Tumblr

10. Superdanger

Into fashion, good drinks and live music? Superdanger is worth your time. Alex Maier posts stunning shots of all those things to his wonderfully curated page. Tumblr

11. Red Clay’s Soul

Few Tumblrs make us shout “I want that!” more than Red Clay’s Soul. The vintage watches, Herschel bags and Barbour jackets consistently make us break out the credit card. Tumblr

12. Bespoke Life

This whole page reeks of the good life. Fine art, good suits and celebs enjoying whiskey will keep you scrolling for a long time. Tumblr

13. Pure Evil

Updated multiple times a day, Pure Evil is worth hourly visits. You’ll quickly discover that hard-to-find casual blazer alongside handfuls of watches worth saving up for. Tumblr

14.Badass Backpack

We have a thing for bags. This Tumblr is solely dedicated to backpacks that are far cooler than the plain messenger you carry to work everyday. Tumblr

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