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Chinos Guaranteed To Last 25 Years

Chinos Guaranteed To Last 25 Years

In case you don’t remember RPMWEST, they’ve done multiple Kickstarter projects where they produced high-quality denim at a fraction of the retail cost. The jeans are awesome. Unfortunately, you can’t always wear jeans, so now they’re releasing The Quarter Century Pant. Each pair of these new chinos is guaranteed for 25 years. They come in four colors (khaki, forest, stone gray and charcoal), two cuts (straight and slim) and are made with 3-Ply twill for durability. They also have cool features like military grade copper hardware, a hidden coin pocket and a double reinforced crotch to prevent blow outs. If you plan on being the same size the rest of your life, this could be the last pair of chinos you ever have to buy.

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