The Roundup

If you're like us, you've amassed a collection of various stainless steel bottles and tumblers that you use for water or coffee regularly despite the fact you don't really like any of them. Throw them all out. Buy Avana's Beckridge. With stainless steel construction, double-walled vacuum insulation, 12 hours hot / 24 hours cold temperature retention and a retractable carry loop on the top, this Avana bottle is as ready for adventure as you are. What really seals the deal is the patented FreeSip Spout that allows you sip or swig when you're drinking. Upgrade…

We’ve overheard guys say they don’t care what kind of car they drive as long as it gets them from Point A to Point B. Those guys are liars. Who wouldn’t want to own a car that turns more heads than a bikini car wash? Maybe these guys have only driven used jalopies and don’t know anything else. Well, these are the cars they should. These are the 15 Classic Cars That Define Cool.


We normally like to keep things simple and do things the easy way, but we’re completely fascinated by Rube Goldberg machines. They require a level of skill and patience we doubt we’ll ever posses and…