Daisy Lowe for British Esquire

We sat down several hours ago and tried to write something clever about this video–a video in which model Daisy Lowe dances in her underwear–but the words weren’t coming. To get things flowing, we consulted the thesaurus, our muses, and eventually some peyote.  Turns out it’s tough to write when everything is glowing purple and you can’t feel your hands. Luckily the intern, who had somehow turned into a  panda, presented us with a formula showing it’s scientifically impossible to improve the seven words “model Daisy Lowe dances in her underwear”. Which, if you think about it, makes sense. Also, don’t do peyote. That shit is nuts.


  • anon

    just another ass moving from right to left…totaly useless

  • coswell

    The whole spread in the magazine looks amazing! Though i have no idea who that girl is hehe (but why would that matter) :)

  • Spanky123

    Awesome, but would be even better with fewer cuts.

  • http://www.lintermede.ch/ blusen

    In my opinion the style of Daisy Lowe is just great she is an awesome girl with a lot of knowledge about fashion. I think the future for her will be really bright and great. She is the best It-Girl at the moment.