Lose the Leather: 11 Unique Wallet Materials (+Giveaway)

Whether you’re a coffee or a Red Bull guy, a smoker or a gum chewer, a commuter or a driver, everyone needs something to get through the daily grind. All of those things require money, which means you need a money transportation device. Skip the standard leather wallets you’re used to and upgrade to one of these unconventional options.

This Hyundai sponsored post is about losing the leather and toting a more unconventional wallet. Thanks Hyundai!

Nooka AO

A multi-colored, silicone “wallet,” this Nooka option will keep your assets organized (hence the AO) with its expandable, yet comfortable design. It’s the cargo pants of wallets.

Recycled Billboard Banner Wallet

When was the last time you drove anywhere that a billboard didn’t almost cause you to crash? Put that same eye-catching ability to work for you with a Recycled Billboard Banner Wallet from NottyPooch.

DynomightyTyvek Wallet

Tyvek (the stuff that protects houses and airmail packages) meets clever art in every Dynomighty wallet. You end up with a an eco (and eco-nomically) conscious wallet that’s tear-resistant, water-resistant, expandable, recyclable and emblazoned with Chicago’s L, $100 bills or even Dot Matrix printer paper.

Narwhal Recycled Tie Wallets

Since you’re officially business casual, a tie is probably the farthest thing from your mind, but that doesn’t mean it has to be the farthest thing from your pocket. Narwhal Co. recycles ties into fun, funky card holders, tie-folds and passport covers that will knot let you down.

Ragged Edge Kevlar Wallet

As utilitarian as it is interesting, the Ragged Edge Kevlar Wallet comes with all the pockets you need – including two hidden bonus pockets. It won’t stop bullets, but the hidden pockets will definitely stop unapproved shoe purchases.

Nau Billfold

Made of recycled polyester (potentially one of your dad’s suits), the Nau Billfold is the go-to choice for the International traveler. In a bind and need to safely stow an extra SIM card loaded with valuable data? You’re in luck Jason Bourne because there’s a slot just for that.

Jack Spade Cork Wallet

Wine might have gone screw top, but the best vintages still use cork. It’s durable, flexible and retains flavor better than other options. It only makes sense to turn it into a billfold and pair it with a leather interior.

Recycled Bank Money Bag Wallet

You might never be able to fill this vintage bank bag wallet with the amount of money it contained when it was just a bank bag, but it doesn’t make it any less awesome. Bonus points because it’s one of a kind and handmade.

Interrobang Seatbelt Wallet

Seatbelts prevent loss of life. Interrobang (think !? or ?!) prevents boredom. Combine the two of them and you have the conversation starting, cash loss preventing Interrobang Seatbelt Wallet.


Water resistant polymer available in card, cash, change and combination options that you can order in an almost confusingly large amount of color combinations.

Ooga – Neutra Prince Wallet

Much like you after quality time on your fixie, the Neutra Prince is slim, flexible and, honestly, quite rubbery. Which are all excellent qualities in an expandable, water resistant wallet crafted from recycled car inner tubes. Comes complete with road marking battle scars.

Hyundai, like any good sponsor, wants to give away something to their adoring fans. While it won’t be a car, it will be something you like. We can’t tell you what’s behind door #2, but we can tell you it’s one of the items on this list. Comment below (be creative) and we’ll pick a winner 2/21.
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Contest closed!

Congrats to Jim Hansen – winner of the Ooga Neutra Prince Wallet recycled wallet. Thanks again to Hyundai for sponsoring the post and contest.


  • Peter B.

    I love all the creative designs, especially the Recycled Billboard Banner Wallet. Very cool.

  • kelvin


  • Marcus

    That would be really COOOOOOL please :)

  • http://www.forwardinterfaces.com/ Conor

    Wallets are pretty awesome!

  • Gary S

    I’ve been wanting to try a DOSH for awhile now, but can’t bring myself to pull the trigger yet. BUT if I was to win one, I would most definitely use it…but probably not to stick in the mouth of someone having a seizure…that’s just gross. I mean, sure, you are saving someone from biting off their tongue, but then you have their seizure drool all over your money and credit cards. Who would be friends with someone that is prone to throwing conniption fits anyways? How embarrassing…

  • richard k.

    i’m in!

  • mike johnson

    George’s wallet on Seinfeld. That’s what I’ll do with a new wallet.

  • Jeffest

    I couldn’t wait I had to visit one of the sites and buy one of these cool wallets~!

  • Eduardo Montoya

    Hyundai please give a car with the wallet…no.?!?!?, Ok I’ll take the wallet and walk… 😀

  • Rich

    I think all the Wallet are cool

  • Nalij

    Those are the coolest out of the box kind of wallets…I have to have one!!!!!

  • gena shpak

    the wallets r hella sick… i want one!!!

  • Juan

    I want that Nooka wallet!

  • Willie

    even though I don’t have any money to put in one of those, I still need to look cool.

  • Matt Thomas

    Hey a new Wallet, SO now if we could get some cash to put in that wallet ( or more directly if I could get some money)

    can i borrow five bucks for cab fare

  • Bob

    interesting mix for sure, need to see them in person

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/forrestjr John F

    How does one wash a cork wallet?

  • Guian Luigi

    make me win!

  • Jason

    Yeaa i want to win

  • Jeroen

    love for these wallets :) i really need an new one!!1

  • Mark

    I may not be as creative as these wallets, but what better way to show off my coffe punch cards, workout card, picture of my niece, and various lint pieces to the ladies than pullin out one of those bad boys. Who knows, maybe i’ll throw in a couple dollar bills to add gusto!

  • Momomo

    My current wallet isn’t a wallet at all. It’s a rubber band. Yuuuup, it’s awesome. Heck, I may even upgrade to a binder clip soon…or perhaps another office item. Could I use a (new) wallet, you ask? Sure I can. But do I have the energy to go shopping for a wallet or construct one myself with my bare hands? Ehhhhh that’s involves…like…..work.

    So I’m crossing my fingers and knocking on wood and I’ll even start carrying a four leaf clover (after finding one) with my pile of rubber band-ed cards and cash. There’s no way I CAN’T win this now!

  • thecuban

    duct tape is awesome, but why not mix it up? The nooka, dosh and nau would fit nice in my jacket pocket. What? You don’t put your wallet in your back pocket do you?

  • Juan

    Dang……awesome wallets. Just when I need one!!!

  • Jason

    As I currently only own a money clip, a new wallet would be great, as I have recently joined the ranks of the underemployed, and money clips don’t seem so appropriate when your carrying bunch of singles.


  • http://wangnet.org modi123

    Ooga – Neutra Prince Wallet for sure. I just bit through my five year old leather fossil wallet rocking out to Linkn Park (trying their best) covering Nine Inch Nail’s “Wish”.

  • Topcat

    The dynomightytyvek wallet is nice and practical yet unusual. You could even do a London underground edition or local bus routes. In Edinburgh the Lothian buses maps would go down a treat.

  • Anthony

    A wallet is like life, the quality of it makes it last longer while keeping it full with things you love will keep you happy.

  • arjay

    WA WA WA WALLET! I would love a wallet to go with my future Equus!

  • simsimma

    heres a tip, seatbelt – the definitions in the word, a belt on a seat, what genius thought that it meant wallet

  • Victor

    Oh my GOSH can I get the Dosh Wallet. Thanks…..

  • Aemon

    I would like to see how the Dosh or Nooka wallet would hold up. I go through normal wallets pretty fast.

  • Jon

    Let’s take a chance.

  • Ken

    I’d have to get two, to even out my butt cheeks. Too cool for words.

  • Wenjie

    I want the cool stuff!

  • Michael Reese

    Dig da Dosh, baby!

  • MIKE

    For the past year I have been using a wallet with a hole ripped in it because I had to sacrifice it. My lowered car got stuck on a speed bump and, inspired by MacGyver, I sandwiched the wallet between two flip flops underneath my rear wheels so they would have something to make contact with the ground. Thanks to some quick thinking, I was able to free the car and escape from a sticky situation on my own. The only downside is there’s no way to look presentable when it’s time to pay the bill and I pull out a wallet tattered on one side.

  • Peter Sellers

    I really need a wallet , not so much because of all my dough( cause I’m Broke) but to give a different shape to bleach out on my hand me down jeans. T “skoal circle” just doesnt do it for me, and seriously how many triangular or hexagonal objects can you find to put in your pocket.

  • http://www.fredzblock.blogspot.com FredSpesh

    Hopefully I win the cork wallet, that way i can pin my notes straight to my money-holster

  • Sarah

    Who needs cows anyway!!!

  • http://www.chassinklier.com Chas Sinklier

    For so long leather has been the go-to hide for wallets – now I find meself fascinated with wearing a wallie made from the very sacks that formerly carried bank notes – Ha! It’s like making Jello-shots in empty egg shells that formerly carried chickens! It all makes sense in a Zen sort of way ~:0)

  • Jeff G

    Let’s face it, we all have been embarrassed at some point by our wallet. It’s hard to look like you have an ounce of class when you offer to pickup the check and you whip out that overstuffed, ragged wallet. Or worse yet you have to rip open your Velcro wallet to get at your cash. (RIP…) One of these wallets would look awfully good coming out of my pocket when I offer to pickup the tab. Like it or not, your wallet says alot about you…

  • Austin Teer

    I would like a new wallet.

  • Tatro

    I couldn’t think of a better place for one of these cabbage bins,Then my back pocket!!!

  • Juan Carlos

    This is one of the things I love about the “green” revolution, quality items that reuse stuff to pollute less

  • kevin

    i am not being creative

  • chase ravsten

    I am always a fan of wallets! I think to be able to have a wallet for every outfit! Its the same idea with watches or shoes, i think the wallet should be the same, a sleek black one is great for a date, but with jeans, something more eye catching is good. My goal is to have enough kind of wallets to get this, but the only problem is finding the right fundig, so with a free one i could reach the goal!

  • Sam Abbott

    Wow I could really use a new wallet. Actually I could use alot more of that green stuff that does in a wallet, but for now I guess a really nice wallet will do.

  • taylor C

    hello, for the last 5 years my wallets have came from Oahu, Hawaii where my sibling lives. Every one is “Made from Genuine Leather” in INDIA! (where they worship cows) Am I aiding blasphemous activities such as crime, violence, and hatred in a country I’ve never been too?

  • http://recoveryourstride.blogspot.com Jim Hansen

    Great ideas for stashing your cash!