Speakers That Think Outside The Box

Your computer has a paint job similar to a Ferrari. Your phone looks like an alien communication device. Your wallet is made of recycled rubber. You clearly aren’t a person content with coloring in the lines or thinking inside the box when it comes to design, so why should your speakers be so… conventional? Snap out of the fiberboard sound tomb you’re used to with these speakers that think outside the box.

Hive Modular Speaker System

Man solves many problems by simply adding more of something (horsepower, wood, steel, the list goes on and on) and the Hive Speaker System is no different. If When you need more sound (what man doesn’t), simply connect more modular Hive pieces until you’re satisfied – or you run out of drywall.

Munny Speakers

If you’re looking for speakers that come alive, look no further than these hacked Kid Robot Munny speakers. Two of the Munny dolls were defaced, literally, and fit with Creative audio speakers. This is one set of dolls you’ll gladly display.

Butt Speakers

Until we were introduced to these butt speakers, we would have thought it was impossible for any sort of soothing sound to emanate from an ass. Smack dat ass to turn it on and off; wax on, wax off to control the volume.

Washington Speaker Docking Station Lamp

Equal parts lamp, iPod dock, found art and speaker, Etsy user bugcicle’s one of a kind creations are the roadmap to a more interesting living room – and a more enjoyable sound experience.

ikyaudio Red Lobester Audio Speakers

PVC pipe, normally confined to a bland off white color and contents of the liquid nature, gets turned into a piece of functional art by way of a custom paint job and a pair of 3 inch magneisum/aluminum alloy full range drivers.

Mannequin Speakers

When it comes to what we’re calling the iBod, a picture is really worth a thousand words. From what we hear though, the tactile response is on par with the audio quality – a little on the a little on the artificial side, but definitely worth it.

Pnoe Horn

Suessian in appearance, audiophilian in performance, the Pnoe Horn is a room dominating combination of hard science and high design. A decade in the making, it’s sound quality is as uncompromising as it is physically large.

Ceramic Speakers

Combining seemingly unrelated elements like cork, aluminum, cast iron, porcelain and Baltic birch plywood could have gone horribly awry, but in the capable hands of Joey Roth they’re turned into some of the most gorgeous, high-end speakers we’ve ever seen.

Woofer Speaker System

If you have trouble deciding between your dog and your iPhone for the title of man’s best friend, the Woofer Speaker System (pun intended) is right up your alley. With a 60watt – 280watt, 4ohm speaker, it’s bark is definitely louder than it’s bite.

Klipsch Lightspeaker

Straight from Klipsch Q Division comes their new whole house audio system and it looks like a light bulb. The wireless speakers install into recessed cans as the bulbs you hate changing, but since these are rated to look and sound good for the next 15 years, you’ll only have to change them once.

Giant iPod Headphone Speakers

While you quickly dismissed the “stock” sound system that came with your latest iDevice for comfort reasons, it’s a whole different ball game when they get super-sized into desktop speakers. Just don’t try putting them into your ears.

Ampoids Altoid Speaker Amp

If you only get to carry one curiously strong thing in your pocket, is it going to be mints or a portable amp and speaker? Hook up your device of choice with the included cable, flip the switch and share the party in your pants with everyone around you.


  • Jake Mcguin

    How does one get away from the impedence issue with just “hooking up” myriads of speakers in the Hive system. Too many in parallel and you have a shorted output (destructive to an output transformer). Too many in series and an almost open circuit would ensue. I am assuming were talking true Hi-Fi here (all vacuum tube) amps. It would be such a waste of money to use these speaker systems with a solid state system.

  • Jesse

    I LOVE the Hive speakers. I would absolutely buy those for my apartment.

  • Taylor

    The Phoe Horn is by far my favorite, being a designer I could do a lot with that accentuating or even possibly being the central focus of a large room, plus the functionality of the whole things is astounding.

  • Rob

    I think that the pnoe horn looks awesome. I wish I could hear that. I bet it has an amazing sound

  • Kalvin

    The butt speakers are pretty cool, the spank on and spank of and wax loud wax soft volume system is really creative.

  • Tu

    The hive and the ampoids are pretty rad

  • http://stumble brannon

    They are really innovative and someone had a sense of humor designing many of them !
    I personally prefer the ceramic speakers as they fit right in with either classical or modern living styles ! Very nice stuff !

  • Ricardo

    Those Mannequin Speakers would really class up the joint.

  • Chris

    Oh jeez, if the Hive speaker system was for sale, I would most definitely buy myself a couple of those… or 10

  • JOsh

    these are some sweet speakers yo! word up.

  • Rahil

    The giant iPod headphones look just kickass. And innovative.

  • J. Anthony Carter

    Klipsch could make concrete block speakers and I’d love them!
    The Giant iPod, Ceramic, Mannequin and Hive speakers were brilliant, innovative, eclectic, and uber techno respectively! I want me some speakers now!!!! 😀

  • Will

    Hive is definitely the best

  • Kyle

    I am very interested in the Hive Modular Speaker System. When I own my own place, I’m going to shoot for a white, clean, crisp look. I’m in love with the way modern design is going nowadays and the one red anomaly is just beautiful among the black. It just seems like a very clean idea, given the wiring most likely goes through the wall behind it. I can’t imagine it sounding the absolute best out of the group, given the speakers are flat and not cone-shaped, but it does look like you would be able to move them around and point them to wherever you’d like.


  • Albert C.

    The modular hive wall speakers look awesome! Those would look great in a recording studio application…

  • Jessica

    I am in love with the Munny Speakers!

  • Valerie Everett

    I wouldn’t of known these speakers even existed. Thanks for putting them all together on one site! The woofer speaker is dope.

  • Aaron J.

    I really like the hive speakers. If the sound quality is anywhere near as good as the looks, those would definitely be my choice.

  • Sammy

    I love the design of the Munny Speakers. So unique!

  • Michael

    The Hive speakers would make my life complete, but the Red Lobesters are sick too.

  • Jake M

    Haha im lovin the butt speakers

  • http://about.me/admx admx

    I would so love the Hive Modular Speaker System! It’s color scheme is very adaptable to several type of rooms, etc; and It’s very practical to put up! It won’t take you space from your desk! They are perfect! <3

  • Mark

    I like the Hive Modular Speaker System! I think they are the ultimate speakers for a high tech living room! Who needs paintings these days?!

  • David

    The light speakers are the best – seen AND heard, just not how you expect!

  • Craig

    I like the Mannequin. The Novelty of the idea is genius. Is the Sub-Woofer maybe hidden in her butt???? LOL LOL. I also like the idea that it blends the female form with music, just as women have many “Tones” that set their personality, so the music you choose to share through this unique system will define it’s and your personality. Great Idea.

  • Alex

    pnoe horn

  • Ruuben

    That pnoe horn is cool : ) I’d really like to hear how does it sound like

  • Jake

    I really like the pvc speakers cause i want people to be washing their hands in my house and hear my voice through the sink… muahaha

  • Richard C.

    The Hive speakers definitely caught my attention. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who thought of an entire wall of speakers. That would be an eargasm.

  • aaron

    the buddy speeker where my personal favorite the coler looked very sleek, and it remindes it of me, my persoality is like i have a speeker on my face lol.i also love the giant ipod head phones the others where also very impresive

  • http://facebook Aaron G.

    i love the munny speekers the coller and the die look amazing. ive never known these speekers ever exised. thankyou for putting them in one spot!!

  • Corey Lechner

    I love the klipsch lightspeakers.very innovative and functional too.

  • Walter Zolner

    My favorites are definitely the klipsch speakers. I think the best speaker is the one you don’t see, only hear. When you’re in an elevator or supermarket, do you typically look for the speakers? You’re just glad you have the sound they present you. Failing that the hive speakers are definitely a runner up, because easy modified tech is some of the most innovative there is.

  • Tyler B.

    I really like the ceramic speakers. Well designed and really classy.

  • Rick

    Love the Pnoe Horn! Would love to hear the sound on it.

  • Reilly P.

    Those ceramic speakers ooze class. Keeping such a simple design with strong materials has always sat just right with me. For that reason, we’ll never see a pair of nice speakers coupled with a machine that doesn’t encompass the same core values. Find a photo without an apple product as the player…I dare you.

  • Reilly P.

    Those ceramic speakers ooze class. Keeping such a simple design with strong materials has always sat just right with me. For that reason, we’ll never see a pair of nice speakers coupled with a machine that doesn’t encompass the same core values. Find a photo without an apple product as the player…I dare you.

  • http://twitter.com/speak_in_music Nash Brown

    my favorite is the giant ipod headphone speakers, but stylewise i like the hive mind speakers WAY better. wall-mounted over desktop any day.

  • tony

    hive speakers look amazinh

  • Ricky

    This is flippin cool. I was researching unique speaker designs. Mixing different materials. This is my next project.

  • Thomas

    The ceramic speakers looks simply amazing

  • Don

    What more is there to life than a room filled with high tech honeycomb speakers?…………

    nothing. truely brilliant.

  • Cjwatkin

    The first one to really grab me were the over-sized ear buds. The generation’s all about irony and going back to basics whether people really agree or not, and they really speak to me about fundamental design and an icon of our time.

    Also an awesome conversation starter! I would kill for a pair of those buds.

  • Reid T

    I love the PVC Pipe lobster. It’s absolutely clever, and yet at the same time not tacky and useless. Looks awesome.

  • Alejandro

    The Red Lobster PVC pipes are right up my alley! I love the fiery red color and the homemade look! I would blast as much music possible out those babies through my computer or laptop. I see these speakers as something I would show off to everyone. Crazy Sexy Cool!

  • Sheridan

    Those hive speakers look great, and most likely sound amazing too. The design is also ingenious! I want!

  • Harout Markarian

    dude the hive speakers look awessoommeee

  • http://Oddee.com Jenny

    I freakin love the Hive Modular Speaker System and the Mannequin speakers. If I could I’d totally rock out on either of those. Where can I find either of them?

  • Jonny

    I love those Munny speakers. They remind me of Marvin from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

  • Soph

    the pnoe horn looks awesome. nice to see that some of them actually incorporate good audio quality as well as interesting aesthetics.