Bright Ideas: Incredibly Unique Lighting

Lighting doesn’t have to be limited to recessed cans, hand me down table lamps or fluorescent ceiling monstrosities. Your home is your castle, not some boring day job where you’re punching a clock, so snap out of the idea that your lighting is just supposed to make everything else look good – it can look good in and of itself. Here’s a bright idea – stop simply illuminating your space and start brightening your abode with these incredibly unique lighting options.

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Cassette Tape Lamp

We live in a world where our music has no physical form outside of a concert – the world of the mp3. But all that means is that there are plenty of cassette tapes lying around to be turned into art. Like this lamp which uses no less than 100 of the iconic pieces of plastic to surround a neon light source (prevents melting) and create a visually appealing light show out of something you probably thought you’d never see again.

Erlenmeyer Flask Lamp

Part science class, part MacGuyver execution, this lamp combines an Erlenmeyer chemistry flask and a vintage light socket in a way that will make it is perfect on your table as it would be on the set of Breaking Bad. If that’s not quite cool enough for you, it’s also filled with volcanic sand.

Kozo 20 Pipe Lamp

Like an as-of-yet unanimated part of a Pixar movie, the Kozo 20 desk lamp has a personality all its own. Equipped with padded feet and a perfectly balanced design, this little lamp that could shines a light on your work without eating all your desk space.

1940s Hollywood Studio Floor Lamp

Even though your career in movies is limited to the occasional film on weekends, that’s no reason you can’t play director more often with the help of this 1940s Hollywood Studio Floor Lamp. Seemingly wheeled right off the set, this solid cast aluminum lamp will look as good lighting your living room as it will your movie set.

Mason Jar Chandelier

They might not contain moonshine, but artificial daylight is a close second in terms of awesome when it comes to uses for a mason jar. And while one jar would certainly be cool, six of them strung together and turned into a dangling chandelier is downright awesome.

Motorcycle Lamp

For most of us, repurposing a vintage motorcycle means selling it on Craigslist on just buying a new one. Betsy salvages a spring, shock absorber, brake rotor and transmission gear from the scrap pile by welding them into a lamp that any table would be proud to hold.


Sometime in the future, robots will turn the tables on humanity and enslave their human masters. Until that happens, deck out your office, man cave or living room with a PVC robolamp that looks as docile as Fido or as mean as a mech from Robot Wars.

Wine Bottle Chandelier

One bottle of wine is never enough, and the empties don’t just have to get thrown in the blue bin out back. By Gordon cuts off the bottom and converts them into chandeliers that would be fitting to hang above Bourdain’s table – or yours.

Liquor Lamps

Like a choose your own adventure fuelled by booze, these custom made liquor lamps are all about choice. You pick your poison, light color and lamp shade and Among New Horizons does all the heavy lifting.

Push Lawnmower Lamp

You could pay someone else to mow your lawn, but then you wouldn’t get uninterruptable alone time masked by the sound of whirring blades and the smell of gasoline. Combine your love of all things vintage with your love of bladed instruments of progress with a lamp that combines a decrepit push mower blade and electrical components.

Dog Lamp

Man’s best friend is usually limited to warming your feet and making sure you get your daily exercise. With Matt Pugh’s wooden dog lamp, man’s best friend is also capable of lighting up a room with something other than his big goofy grin.

Harri Koskinen Cosy Lamp

Like an aquarium of light, the Harri Koskinen is translucent in its excellence. Combining a skeletonized lamp assembly with a frosted glass container, it’s next level design meets vintage tech.

Industrial Chandelier

Ominously hanging from the ceiling, this chandelier is part exposed spider and part Lego light. Start in the center with the ceiling mount and then hang the eight strands of 48″ braided wire as you see fit to create your perfect mix of light and shadow. Now you get to be the designer.

As part of Hyundai’s continuing “SNAP OUT” Sweepstakes (fine print here), Cool Material and Hyundai will be lighting up one life – and work space – with a free Kozo 20 desk lamp ($200 value). Leave a comment below about your favorite unique lighting from this list and you will be entered to win. We’ll choose a winner on 3/31. Good Luck!

Contest Closed! Congrats to Jeff


  • Brendon

    Kozo 20 Pipe Lamp is perfect combination of simplicity and form

  • Nick

    I wonder if the tapes have music on them? Pop one in for a mysterious playlist. That would be awesome! The Cassette Tape Lamp Rocks.

  • Chester

    The dog lamp was so awesome. It would be perfect for my bedside table.

  • Thomas

    The Erlenmeyer Flask Lamp has a style and ingenuity that you don’t see much anymore. I also like it because it would go great in my studio.

  • Mark

    The Kozo pipe lamp is the nicest looking, I think. Really great color and it’s simple. I also really enjoy the look of the liquor lamps.

  • Tully

    Kozo 20 Pipe Lamp is pretty sweet. Although the wine bottle chandelier does have me questioning the fate of our mini wine rack, the pipe lamp is extremely pleasing to my brain..

  • Oskarr

    The cassette tape lamp was definitely my favorite. It would be easy enough to make, so I think I’ll try that out as a project.

  • Patrick

    Love the Hollywood Floor lamp. not only is it a talking piece for when you invite people over to see and compliment you in your choice of lighting apparatus, but also gives the allure of a sometimes active porn set (which depending on your company can be awesome, suck or be really really awesome).

  • Ilya

    I love the KOZO -LAMP! This is amazing an sustainable and reliable design!
    Unlike the modern and trendy products. I would love to give this lamp as a Inheritance to my grandchildren… ( i bet its possible)

    Go KOZO!

  • Alejandro

    The Motorcycle lamp it’s great!

  • Cooper

    I like the pipe lamp!

  • brian e.

    Thanks for the giveaway…we love the Mason Jar Chandelier; you have inspired me to build a version of it for our patio !

    senorpiero [at] yahoo [dot] com

  • Chris

    I’ve been looking for an old studio light! I just cant find one that works!

  • itamar

    Undoubtedly, for me it is non other than the Kozo 20 – pipe lamp, that wins the pot. Like written, what really got to me is the personality it has. It almost looks like something you want to talk to, when working or even just pondering on stuff – and what seems even weirder, but absolutely just, is that one may fully expect a response when doing so!!!
    This is why i fell in love with lamp, upon first sight, and this explains why I felt so disappointed when it wouldn’t go out with me!
    p.s. 1: The last part was just a little joke on my behalf, one I thought may increase my chances of winning this lovely lamp [both ways(!)]
    p.s. 2 I mean, come on, what lamp would say no to a guy like me?!?!

  • John

    The pipe lamp and the movie studio one really look neat.

  • Andrew Zamarripa

    Best Lamp by far is the Kozo 20 Pipe Lamp. It is perfect for the Man Desk or the working garage. It reeks manliness and I am pretty sure I will mistake it for a tool of some sort after an all night drinking session with the guys.

    I need this lamp in my life as my guiding light towards my new marriage. This lamp can change lives.

  • Theo Eftimiades

    Fav is definitely the Liquor Lamps. While the others made ideas swim around in my head, making a liquor lamp is really the only thing I could accomplish out of these.

  • sonny

    the hollywood lamp is awesome :)

  • Thomas Kilgour

    Love the cut off wine bottles!

  • Erik

    The Kozo 20 by far. Perfect for any guy that works with his hands at all (or at least desires to). It’s raw and what you see is what you get.

  • Tim Jacobsen

    Contest Closed! Congrats to Jeff

  • Glen Greenberg

    That dog Lamp is Ruff!