The Living Cube


You have one of two options (depending on how fat your wallet) when you’re getting a new place: You can go bigger and live away from the city & the action, or you can get an apartment/closet and be in the heart of it all. Till Konneker opted for a “cozy” studio apartment but immediately put the lack of space to work for him with The Living Cube. The cube he built holds his TV, clothes, shoes, and vinyl collection and is also a guest bed on the top. That would be pretty smart if that were all, but The Living Cube Konneker built also opens up from the side to reveal tons of more storage space. We are strongly considering building our own as we speak.






  • rudeboi

    I want me one of these.

  • Matt

    So is this one of a kind? I don’t see details on how to get one?

  • jacobcrim

    This is one of the coolest things I have ever seen. If I could get one, I would and it makes a studio apartment seem way more logical. I wonder how difficult it would even be to build?

  • Urbane_Gorilla

    If you look closely at the pics, you can see how it’s constructed. The top (bed frame) seems to be 2X8’s and the right side (the door side) appears to be tongue and groove. I’d suggest using T&G plywood for the sides though to add lateral strength. It’s hard to tell, but it appears that the back of the unit is bolted to the wall, which would eliminate the need for sheathing on that side and add strength. It just sits on the floor.

  • Joe

    Be a man. Build your own.

  • Mako Haus

    It entirely shows that having a small apartment does not necessarily means having an ugly and uncomfortable place. I don’t think it is that complicated to build seriously. A little research and ask some pros for advices.

  • JKLauderdale

    I’m 6’2 and everything here has 8′ ceilings. This is just too tall for the ceilings here – neat idea tho