The Insane Stats Behind This Year’s Tour de France

The Tour de France is considered the most physically demanding sporting event in the world. After looking at some of the stats, it would be hard to argue.





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The Mother of All Tactical Pens? The Mother of All Tactical Pens?
The Mother of All Tactical Pens? PARTNER

Every tactical gear manufacturer offers something in the way of a tactical pen, but they’re not all as robust as the TriTac from StatGear. It’s engineered from aircraft grade aluminum with an ergonomic grip and bolt action pen lever, and the included Fisher Space Pen ink can write in all types of conditions, from a light drizzle to a stint in space. Obviously, no tactical pen is complete without a carbide window punch, but the TriTac goes above and beyond, adding a 440C stainless steel, razor sharp blade.

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