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The Homemade Weapons From The Ukrainian Revolution

The images that have come out of Ukraine over the last couple of months have looked like a dystopian battlefield. But among the smoke and ash, were weapons that were far cruder than modern artillery. Photographer Tom Jamieson snapped some shots of these homemade weapons and shared them with Wired. Here are a few of them.


  • Ham Boner

    Yes, let’s outlaw guns, because I would much rather be beaten to death with a baseball bat full of nails.

  • pauland

    I think it’s more about not dying at all rather than weapon of choice.

    These weapons are ugly, but they don’t make guns an attractive proposition, or necessary.

  • gijoemc

    The helmet is beautiful. Also, this is what people make when you outlaw guns, but when political upheaval and revolt aren’t going on, people won’t be carrying these weapons

  • Ham Boner

    Well I have bad news, even if you don’t die by gun or melee weapon you’ll still die. No way around it.

  • Timebomb

    Its not “The Ukraine”, its just Ukraine. Hasn’t been “The Ukraine” since the early ’90s.

  • Fuzzy

    Would the people of carrying these types of weapons be able to better defend themselves had they had access to firearms? Could their access to firearms changed the outcome or delaying it until another country intervined?

    I would argue that the weapon is more about the person who survived a situation than the person killed.

  • The Kid

    I love the irony of “The Peacemaker”. However, I’m surprised there’s no mention of a Molotov Cocktail here. The Molotov has practically become iconic, and is usually present in many resistance movements.

  • Nobody

    Democrats will soon ban those too, starting with the trees.

  • Queens Canuck

    And NATO wonders why Russia invaded Crimea?

  • Bear

    No wonder they are losing, he’s holding the wrist-rocket wrong! It’s odd that “Peacemaker” was the only one written in English and not in a Cyrillic script.

  • Art

    They should use pieces of a gas pipeline I suggest they detonate in the near future.

  • InfiniteJest

    So let’s make murder legal, along the same line of reasoning.