SPONSORED GIVEAWAY: Tervis Tailgating Party

This sponsored post is brought to you by Tervis; Meet the world’s first smart cup at tervis.com.

Major sporting events aren’t just about touchdowns, home runs and three-pointers; they’re also about brats, burgers and cold beers. You could get all those things from the concession stand with a side of nachos, but they won’t come with the smell of charcoal, the games of bags or the general sense of camaraderie you get sitting on an open tailgate. Call us crazy, but nothing beats hanging out in a parking lot packed with thousands of your closest friends as the smell of cooking meats permeates your nostrils and you hydrate with everyone’s favorite hoppy beverage.

The easiest way to get that delicious nectar into your insides is just to drink it from the bottle or can, but local law enforcement isn’t always on board with that. So you take a trip back to your college drinking days and you bust out the Solo cups. You’re a smart guy, so you need a smart cup. The Tervis smart cup will keep your beer cold and your Irish coffee warm. It’s nearly unbreakable, dishwasher safe and won’t leave rings on your table. In other words, it’s as rugged as a Weber and as durable as a Chevy. But don’t just take our word for it, let Tervis prove it.

Contest Closed. Congrats to Dan!

In order to make sure you throw the best party this side of an end zone, Cool Material and Tervis want to hook you up with a $500 Amex giftcard for supplies and $100 of Tervis products. All you have to do is plan the perfect tailgate party with a $500 budget and $100 of Tervis goods, then post it in the comments below. One winner will be chosen at random 8/3. Good Luck!

Official Rules


  • Amir

    $100 in Tervis Stuff:
    5 New England Patriots – Legacy Cups 20 oz.

    Other Stuff:
    Small disposable grill with charcoal and extras needed=$50
    5 Chairs= $50
    Cooler= $50
    NFL Sunday Ticket for my iPhone=$50
    table,ice, football, etc=$50

    8 lbs famous steak tips=$50
    Chedderwurst and buns=$20
    Grilled salt and pepper chicken wings=$30
    Reeses Brownies and Chocolate chip cheesecake squares=$10
    Snacks, condiments, papergoods=$40

    A 3 gallon gatorade container filled with the perfect red sangria=$50
    A cooler of good beer=$30
    A cooler of “gaming” beer=$20
    Handle of Absolut Acai and Lemondade=$40
    Water and Gatorade=$10

  • KD

    1 of these – to compliment
    a few of these

    THEN, we gotta get uh, gator tail- because that’s what we eat for tailgates! (Welcome to our traditions) & start up the fryer, into which we’ve thrown some good old fashioned CRISCO to fry up the gator tail, battered of course!
    To the side- Crock pot filled with mac & cheese- which is really more cheese than Mac, there ARE no mac’s at tailgate parties, and if they are- they are only mac’s to themselves.
    Lotsa ice & loads of liquor- because beer is a waste of a great budget!

  • Brooke Egger

    Truck with a tail gate,
    My Cherokee Grill,
    Marinated kabobs,
    Fancy fruits and salads too,
    Folly Beer on ice,
    Yerba Matte vodka infusion,
    (To keep us awake if we are loosing)

  • http://redscofield.deviantart.com Red

    My buddies pool, with margarita machine, full bar, juicer anf tons of ice. On the grille: elk burgers and duck breast. In the smoker: ribs and venison. Some fresh vegies for snacking and eating.

    All to serve and entertain about 25 of my nearest and dearest.

  • Doug

    Cornhole. Country music out of the truck. $100 in beverages. $400 in ribs and burgers. Football and good friends.

  • Adam

    Well, with the NFL back in season, this is perfect timing. $100 in Tervis gear means a handful of tumblers with my team’s logo (Washington Redskins), then a couple ice buckets. Then on to the party – break out the cornhole boards for the party, couple handles of vodka for some bloody marys, maybe some irish coffee if its a little chilly out. No worries though – the Tervis Tumblers keep the bloody’s chilled and the spiked coffees hot! Baby charcoal grill, plenty of meat, grilled corn, and we’re good to go. Hail to the Redskins!

  • Richard

    200 bucks worth of MEAT
    150 bucks worth of BOOZE
    50 bucks worth of CHIPS
    100 bucks worth of POTATO SALAD.

    This seems reasonable, right?

    and the Tervis Tumbler with Shaker Top for Bloody Mary’s.

  • Al

    The perfect tailgate would be at OU/TX (I literally prefer it to Christmas). We’d have Tervis tumblers (perfect b/c they won’t break when my drunk friends drop them), 2 kegs, brats and buns, chips and dip, riot punch, corn hole, and friends. Boomer Sooner!

  • marcus

    Just Chilling on the beach with Packs of beers, and a fire and best friends. And those stuff tochill the beers out.

  • Andrew F

    Spiked watermelon, jalapenos (stuffed with cream cheese and wrapped in bacon), potato skins, and wings of various flavors. To help wash all this wonderful healthy food down, a complementary Trevis Tumbler with a Lions logo. Throw in a few quarter kegs of Miller, Sol, and Shiner and we can call it a good time!

  • Cynthia

    Tervis smart cups keg punch for the kiddies new grill and lots of burgers ka bobs and lots of pool supplies!

  • Mary T

    The perfect tailgate: burgers and brats for a crowd, potato salad, baked beans, a stocked ice chest, and about a dozen of these for my closest friends: http://www.tervis.com/Products/NEW-COLLEGIATE/UNIV-OK-ST-COLORS

  • DeeAnn H

    Drinks lots of water even when you are not thirsty you body needs hydration.

  • Ryan Lopez

    Step 1 – Invite your closest friends, relatives, your boss, mistress, first grade teacher, hobo you met at the truck stop bathroom and favorite barnyard animals.

    Step 2 – Have them all bring an offering to the party. Ex: beer, brats, bongs, blow, blow-up dolls, potato salad and a virgin.

    Step 3 – Set up everyone’s favorite games and activities. Ex: corn-hole (bags), bocce ball, Russian ruoulette, cock fighting

    Step 4 – Time for the Main Event. Use the $500 to hire female midgets to Jell-o wrestle.

    Step 5 – Make sure you leave the house you just broke into in order to have this shindig.

  • Ashley K

    Let’s start with the first game of the season: Washington Redskins vs. Pittsburgh Steelers.

    Since we are Marylanders, we would get $150 worth of crabs, and $60 worth of brats, burgers and chips and $40 for sodas. Then we head over to the liquor store and purchase a keg for $150 and $80 for liquor.

    Steam it all, put it in buckets, give the babysitter $20 for watching the kids and enjoy the game while sipping our drinks out of the Tervis cups :)

  • JohnD III

    1. 2 KEGS…$250
    3. 1 WET T-SHIRT CONTEST…$100

  • Bruce

    gonna rain

  • Eric Seberg

    $400 in booze, $100 mixers and ice, $100 worth of Tervis products to put it in. BYO meat, chips, etc. Doesn’t get any better than this.

  • Ben

    What about us Vegetarians?

  • Demetrius Wilson

    I will have a anti tailgate party.
    I will film it and post it to YouTube and give cool material & tervis free advertising.
    Pick me.

  • Tommy V

    $500 gift card=a pryamid of 30 packs
    $100 Tervis products=let’s test these F*****S out Tervis Throwing Anyone?

    Location=my rooftop

    Done and Done!

  • James L.

    $500 worth of beer in $100 worth of Tervis cups. My friends bring the food. Potluck FTW!!!

  • Peter

    beer, grill, meat, bread, and champagne for afterwards when my team wins.

  • Jennifer Rutsky

    My swimming pool + $500 in liquor and mixers (beer is for punks). $100 in Tervis products for pool pong and as take home gifts!

  • Alfredo Ortiz

    $ 200 Tequila & Vodka $ 200 Beer $ 100 for the food and $ 100 in Tervis items= Perfect party! Finito!!!

  • devonl

    Be Great for me Yacht!

  • daniel

    one word. P TO THE A TO THE RTY!

  • steven

    board games, movie projector, and steak. and also bud

  • Ross

    Clearly Tervis Tumblers are calibrated for mixed drinks, so $150 on top shelf booze, $25 on mixers, $75 for a solid power inverter to run the tv and blender, $175 for omaha steaks, and $75 for other foodstuffs. This shindig is destined to go down in preparation for a home game for the Clemson Tigers. Can’t wait for college football to be back!

  • speedjohn

    I would get an eight ball of blow, some hookers, and 4 or 5 cases of Miller lite. Done.

  • Ron

    8 Clear Tervis Tumblers
    8 16oz T-Bone
    2x 60oz Vodka
    2x 60oz Rhum
    4x 2L Coca-Cola
    4x 2L Orange juice

  • Suzanne King

    My plan the perfect tailgate party would be to purchase board games and make brownies and chocolate milk.

  • Shawn

    Grill, tons of meat, booze, poolside, Tervis!

  • Meghan Lawlor

    I would spend around $200 on booze, gotta get a lil of everything to please the guests. Another $200 on some yummy food. Grill out, make margaritas (which are awesome in the Tervis tumblers big T’s because they keep em’ extra cold) And the final $100 on some inner-tubes, beach toys, ice, coolers and and other party supplies that seems necessary!

  • Ryan

    $500=Drinks and Meat
    (Plates and forks are a little to civilized I’ll eat with my hands thanks)

    Party On.

  • Goose

    As much Jack n’ Coke, Beer, and liquor drinks as $200 will get loaded down in the coolers. Classic charcoal grilling a mountain of fat juicy 1/2 lb burgers = $200. Then a sweet corn hole game to play $80. The remaining $20 spent on lighters because those always get lost. $100 worth of 12oz Tervis Tumblers (all with that oh so sexy Atlanta Braves embroidered emblem, go Bravos!). Add buddies and girls (free); tops? (optional).

  • Kim

    $200 for meat – RED meat – for grilling.
    $200 for alcoholic beverages for our Tervis tumblers.
    $100 for the noise ordinance fine we will get slapped with.

  • Sammi

    Give each guest a little bit of the money, everybody buys whatever drinks and food they want – everyone’s happy!

  • Melinda (Mendy) Dinsmore

    Wow! This is a great giveaway. Thanks for the chances. The perfect tailgate would include a frosty beverages to fill the glasses that everyone can keep as their own. Burgers, Dogs and all the toppings one can think of and baked potatoes and toppings. Of course you gotta have some dessert go to with it…mini cheese cakes, chocolate chip cookies and cake pops.

  • Nenette Seaux

    A good crawfish boil, friends, good music and of course your product!!

  • David Lisa Duchesne

    Get some Garden Party Tervis glasses such as their: Hummingbird – Blue 16 oz
    Bloody Ceasers pre-mixed
    Coolers of ice full of assorted beers
    Hamburger buns
    Minced meat
    Hot Dogs and Buns
    Bring your own long chair!

  • Tony

    $500 worth of greenmen costumes (in varied sizes), all of my friends bring food and booze in exchange for a costume and tervis smart cup we party like dayman just defeated nightman

  • http://mylocalgiveaways.blogspot.com/ Elisabeth

    $250 for meat, snacks, desserts
    $250 for alcohol

    #100 worth of Tervis tumblers

  • Tim

    $200 for BBQ Ribs
    $150 for Rum
    $150 for Tequila
    Use our tailgate tent and location and cheer on Iowa State on to a victory after the tailgate!!!!

  • natalie

    Keeping my drank cold in Key West. Nothing like it!!!

  • Dan Clark

    Get enough Tervis cups to keep 20 people happy. Then get enough ice and margarita mix for my 3 gallon margarita machine. Set up the lawn chairs of chose and sit on the lake shore watching the boats go by.

  • Robin McNamara

    First, the perfect tailgate would consist of enough Tervis Tumblers to make sure every guest has a nice cold beverage ($100 worth). Once we have something to keep the beverages cool, we’ll need to supply the party with at least $150 worth of beverages to go in the tumblers. The rest of the money, $350, will go towards the food!

  • Erin Walsh

    Well of course the beer comes first, lots of it. And then plenty of meat, chicken, hamburgers, and brats. Buns and garlic bread. Then plenty of cold sides, potato salad, slaw and fruit salad.

    And then for the few of us who don’t drink beer, I love the Tervis “FIESTA Cool Stripes 16 oz” 9 of them.

  • Cecilia Andes

    Would buy a party favor for every person. And supply plenty of Tervis and delicious appetizers all night long! And also get my nephews band to play.

  • Steve S

    Loaded cooler – $250.00 and then $250.00 of Beef products.