A Big Gallery of Minimal Movie Posters

We all grow up being taught that bigger is better. Science and modern medicine have a way of making this happen, but that doesn’t always mean it’s right – especially when it comes to art. Oddly enough, minimalism is bigger than ever right now because there are dozens of artists turning their significant artistic talent towards minimal-izing popular movie posters.

Check out our gallery of 70 minimalist movie posters that have been redesigned by some of our favorite artists. In this case, less really is more.

Pedro Vidotto
Moxy Creative
Brickhut AKA Matt Owen
Gidi Vido
Olly Moss
Nicholas Tassone aka Bee Combs
Profound Whatever
Ibraheem Youssef
James Random
Gregoire Guillemin
Film the blanks
Shoot the Glass


  • Josh
  • JC

    I really like the Scarface one… it’s pretty clever.

  • Andrew

    Can you buy these anywhere??

  • http://coolmaterial.com Tim Jacobsen

    Andrew – I would check out the source links at bottom of post. They’ll either be for sale, or you can reach out to the artist. Good luck

  • Andrew

    Tim – thank you I found a lot of other cool posters on those source links but not the one I was looking so i just googled it and found it to buy haha. I appreciate it bud.