What Mark Zuckerberg Could Buy with His $6.9 Billion

A few weeks ago 26 year-old Mark Zuckerberg—the founder of Facebook, for those of you who’ve been living in a cave—was recently ranked on the Forbes 400 at #35 with 6.9 billion dollars.  This is an exceptionally large amount of money.  So large, in fact, it can be hard to comprehend, much like the known universe or Christina Hendrick’s bosom. Thus we thought it’d be informative to try and put Zuckerberg’s billions into a little real-world perspective.  Hence, we present:


  • mirosango14

    holy crap… O.O

  • http://andrewpritchard.com Andrew

    Hahahaha! Thanks for the funniest thing I’ve read today! Can we kill Zuckerberg yet?

    Oh, and you guys obviously think the USA has gone socialist if that’s meant to be Endeavor!

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/usabeautiful10 terri

    I sure wish Mark Zuckerberg could go to the homeless brave heart American Soldiers. I wish he would go to them and give them job security. There are over 1,000 and counting homeless American Soldiers that sacrificed their lives for our Free Country. Alot of braveheart soldiers come back with no limbs and some come back in boxes awaiting decent burial with too many grieving families. What is wrong with America, cant they see what is happening here at home. If you total the revenue of outsourcing jobs, oh my, numbers never stop, we need to keep our jobs here at home. The common denominator to our economic crisis problem is outsourcing American Jobs, we need to stop and listen to the hurting people and our Washingston leaders need to give incentives to corporations and small businesses, so they will stay home. We need change. Greed needs to stop! If I had this much revenue, i would give the homeless american soldiers and many others jobs, so they can feel safe and secure. Homelessness is very tear jerking; especially to our soldiers in America, we need to look at our flag more and appreciate the beauty of our free country, we need to help the homeless people in america and many others without jobs, homes, health insurance, retirement, food, clothes, and security. I sure wish I had this much money, because it would go to millions of Americans, I love my country and I feel sad because of the downward spiral poverty that has been taking place here at home.

  • http://twitter.com/christianjews terri

    If had that much money, I would give all the thousands and counting american braveheart homeless soldiers jobs!!! And help so many who are suffereing here at home; especially the homeless american soldiers who deserve the best ever, they do not deserve to be homeless, this is tear jerking. My nephew is a brave heart american soldier, he loves his country and so do the homeless soldiers in america, what is wrong with our country? Well, outsourcing jobs is the major problem, we need change so that corporations will stay at home.

  • http://www.jakemize.com Jake Mize

    How about he just give everyone in the US $22….

  • Richard DeKlerk

    Remember that that is his estimated net worth. Facebook has yet to generate significant amounts of revenue from advertising. I doubt Zuks is living anywhere near this kind of lifestyle. Interesting to note the difference in houses between Steve Jobs (Apple) and Bill Gates (Microsoft).

  • Guest

    CNN did an interview and he said it wasn’t all his… so.

  • Craig

    terri you complete and utter moron. I live in South-East Asia – you want to try living here if you think Americans have it bad. You have a fucking welfare system – people here have NOTHING. You can have 4 kids and ageing, disabled parents here and the government doesn’t help a single penny. Wake the fuck up you stupid bimbo – Americans have got it easy. The fact that a few soldiers have to live in shelters and can’t afford an iPhone isn’t fucking tear-jerking at all. The fact that you are worried about a few people in a first-world country who can still have a roof over their head and food for their mouth is a disgusting lack of awareness. Come here and I promise you your tears will get a considerable jerking.

  • http://www.lecturio.de Sebastian

    woah..that was shockingly funny! highly appreciated guys!
    ps: what does zuckerberg have to do with homeless soldiers? aren´t there poor people all around the globe? let´s not make it any more philosophical. it´s just a fun post..

  • Kendrick Lau

    He’s WORTH 6.9B, he doesn’t HAVE it. There’s a huge difference..

  • Haley

    Just because we have a welfare system in the US does not mean we are without poverty and homeless. Sadly, it’s the middle class who often suffer and end up on the streets because, on paper, they don’t qualify for government benefits. Also, you have to have an adress to be a part of the welfare system…so homeless are effectively left out.

  • nameless idiot

    yeah yeah we all know about how the homeless people in the states have it soooo bad they can’t buy their own booze. but think about it. at least they are surrounded by people they can mooch from (maybe unwilling but at least able). imagine a place where even the not-so-poor are so poor to help the dirt-poor. where a family of twelve, 12, T-W-E-L-V-E, would need to share one pack of instant noodles for breakfast/lunch/dinner, depending on what time of day they’re going to eat. you think you’ve seen poor? i’m telling you, you haven’t seen poor. you may have heard about it. but you have not seen it.

  • http://qwerq.com qweqw

    Buy Harvard

  • v314

    buy land and make his own country.

  • shameonu

    And that, nameless idiot, is why it rocks to be an American. Sorry you aren’t (from your tone) but there isn’t a reason in the world you should get up in someone’s face because they had the luck to be born in America, or any of a dozen industrialized countries that treat their citizens well. It’s not her fault, or anyone’s fault they were born where they were born. So get off your cross. We need the wood.