• dukeeeeee

    hahahahah “unrespectable” classic… and im a christian too and i thought all of the posts were great, being christian has nothing to do w it. yall are just up tight… get a sense of humor and stop crying bc ppl make fun of us

  • Alice

    lmao. this is great.

  • kizzy

    is that supposed 2 b funy? all i saw was swering and insulting religious people (me). sorry 2 bring the party down but i didnt lik it.

  • Me

    The absolute funniest thing I’ve seen in a while – This made my day!

  • becki’sdad


  • Fizzninja

    “I knew that once people were saying that the “God jokes” were offensive, that some lame atheist would come around and start up an argument. I swear, that’s all they do. Atheists just sit at their monitors and unload on Christians because they actually choose to live life to the fullest…gets me every time.”

    Yep. Christians sure do live their lives to the fullest. They have no restrictions or rules or anything to live with, or anything like that. No sir. Nope. There’s nobody telling them to live a certain way or burn in Hell for the rest of eternity. Nuh-uh. Not at all.

  • Flumeghost

    I’m Christian and I thought the god part was hilarious, lol. The Colombia thing, too soon.

  • ThisChristianChick

    I thought this was heelarious! Even if us Christians aren’t known for our stellar sense of humour… Sad day. And since God created this whole “sense of humour” thingamajig, you’d think we’d be embracing it a bit more.

    I felt more guilty about laughing at the Columbia one then about the church or God ones. And personally, I felt like the insults were actually aimed more at the church than God anyways. It’s funny! Laugh! Or at least suck it up and don’t complain about it.

  • Trollbob

    really great stuff – don’t make a religion discusion. have a smile and love the life

  • AKM

    I agree. I’m cool with the God stuff, but Columbia, in the grand scheme of things, JUST happened.

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    Im religious and this is FTW